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Amy and Keren

April was an unusual month. As you may know, we have a number of South Africans who work for Top Left Design – Tamlyn, Amy, and JP – and in addition, I used to live there and half my family is South African. Amy lives in Cape Town, and Tamlyn was getting married (to Jack, who is English) in South Africa.

Amy and I decided it would be a good idea for me to visit South Africa, and she and I would both go to Tamlyn’s wedding together!

Amy’s annual visit prompted a team building bowling trip to All Star Lanes

On  the eve of Tuesday the 24th of July 2012, the whole of Top Left Design – including Amy who normally works for us from South Africa – attended one of our legendary team building events – bowling at All Star Lanes in Bayswater. We brought a few friends along too. For those who don’t know, Amy lives in South Africa but works full time for Top Left Design. We bring Amy here every year to enjoy some of her company in the London office – and we try and arrange lots of fun things and do at least one big team building night out – so it’s not all work work work!

Our night started off with two team members (who shall remain  unnamed) forgetting their wallets – only realising after we had all as a big group arrived at Tottenham Court Road tube station. They had to turn back, promising to reunite with us soon.

The rest of us clambered onto the tube, heading for All Star Lanes in Bayswater. After a few checks for directions on Google Maps, we found our way, and luckily our two wallet forgetters joined us later.

After a couple of cold drinks and a yummy ‘American diner’ style meal, we slipped into our bowling attire, and the bowling banter began!

We took over two bowling lanes and with a few egos boasting their intentions of humiliating the rest with their Fred Flintstone bowling skills, the games got underway.
Everyone had a great time and plenty of laughs. We were joined by a few “Friends of TLD” who you may or may not recognise in the pictures.

We have been working hard on our newsletter, as we always do. And it’s ready to send! In this one the illustration was done by Tina and Amy worked on the graphics for the rest of the newsletter. Other newsletters often feature illustration work by Tamlyn – who drew our owls! Those of you who dont subscribe, you’re missing out! We almost always do special offers, games and prizes. Our latest creation involves a theme – “Make Do and Mend” which goes with the whole “January Austerity” feeling. No point in being frivolous and overly extravagent – it’s just not the done thing! So, in our newsletter we have listed “8 free or almost free ways to improve your presence online.” We do like the number 8!

We also like the number 3 – so watch out for the 3 offers within the newsletter.

Read it here and let us know in the comments below what you think!

You’ve probably guessed by now that we love blogging. The very fact that you’re reading this blog post, which is about our latest newsletter, that heavily features blogging, blogs, and how to be a better blogger, (breath) proves this to any doubters.

Aside from our blog seminar, the newsletter is a source for all sorts of information – we’ve provided links to valuable resources which should help you out on your quest to be the best blogger in the wild wild west – along with some of our latest website launches.

Take a look here – if you think you can handle the sheer amount of blogging related content found within.

Sitting in my rather warm office here in South Africa I get a Skype call from Keren telling me that I need to come and visit asap. I get two options – Christmas Party or Halloween Party. I came for the Christmas Party last year, so Halloween it is!

It was a fantastic visit which I thoroughly enjoyed! Keren and the team arranged loads of fun things to do. These included team cocktails (I make magic mojitos), team bowling (which I didn’t win, but also didn’t do as badly as Michael!) and a fantastic Halloween Party where I got to mingle with some of our much loved clients – one of them being the lovely Jane Stanton, we just launched her new website. See it here:

I think my next visit will be in Summer… but for now I am going to make the most of my South African Summer. I will be back on the 5th and look forward to hearing many festive season adventures!

A Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good bye!

On the 14th of October, it was Amy’s last day in our London office.  We had 3 surprises organised for Amy. It was hard to keep these things a surprise, because she kept trying to guess. We called this day “Amy Day” and the preparations were extensive.

Surprise number 1: Marina Conway-Gordon from Recognise and Relieve came with her massage bed and each of us had a sports massage.  (Annoyingly, Amy had guessed Marina was coming over in advance – so no surprise there – Grrr!!!)

Surprise number 2: We went for tea at the Dorchester (Marina let it slip as she was leaving – she said “have fun at the Dorchester” and then Amy burst out laughing as Surprise number 1 – Marina – gave away Surprise number 2! Not that she meant to. Aargh!)

Surprise number 3: We had Tamsin Fox-Davies come over with a new goal-setting game called The Wish – which we all played together. At least this surprise was not one that Amy expected.

Amy Day – 3 surprises