I know that some of you already know what we mean by this from our April 2011 Newsletter, but for those of you that didn’t see it let me explain this very important point again.

I can hear all the desperate questions already… “What does it mean to be an egg, or rather to not be an egg?“, “What’s wrong with eggs?“, “What is an egg when it comes to Twitter?“, “How do I change from an egg to just fabulous old me?“, “What is the best way to poach an egg, I mean some people have said to use vinegar but really I’m not sure…” Ok so maybe that last one won’t be one of the questions, but the rest we have all heard before when this subject is brought up.

Some of you are already on Twitter – and some of you aren’t (naughty naughty). Those of you who are may have noticed that the default icon or avatar for a new profile is an egg, and we really hope you have changed it by now. But if not here are some reasons why you should.

Why an egg you ask?

Well, in my opinion it is because Twitter wants you to join as an egg, still new, fresh, comfy and untouched, then hatch into a beautiful tweeter with wings that spread far and wide, and songs to sing and tweets to tweet. Please note: The whole hatching part needs to happen pretty quickly!

Why should I change it?

I have read a few articles on the dreaded egg avatar and have mostly come to discover that if you don’t change it people could judge you by your egg and decide that you are a lazy tweeter and not follow you. And really you want followers on Twitter! Just like a book and it’s cover – your profile picture should show something about who you are or what you look like, people will be more inclined to follow you then.

How do I do this?

To change this, just click on “Profile” at the top of your Twitter page – when you are logged in. Then click “edit your profile” – and then click “Profile” – there you will then see your image where you can browse for a less generic image – a close up picture of your face is best. Your image must be square and can be any of these formats: JPG, GIF or PNG. It shouldn’t exceed 700k, and twitter will resize it for you. Also try to use images that are clear, no one likes to see blurry or pixelated images. So just changing from an egg isn’t really enough, if you are going to change from an egg its best to do it properly!

While I am on the subject of attractive twitter accounts let me just make you aware of one other thing… You don’t have to stick to the twitter  supplied backgrounds, you can add your own. Check out the lovely one we designed for ourselves. We can do this for you too! Let us know if you would like to see other examples of twitter backgrounds that we have created.

And give us a shout if you need any help with this transformation. We are always full of helpful hints and happy to assist in any way we can.

And lastly…

There were two eggs being boiled in a saucepan. One egg said ‘Ouch it’s hot in here…’

The other egg said ‘arghhhhh!! A talking egg!!’ THE END

Hope that cracked you up just a little!