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Marketing tips for the gaming industry

4 marketing tips for the gaming industry

According to Zion Market Research, the gaming industry is predicted to grow to a global worth of around $435 billion by 2028.

With this in mind, there’s no surprise that businesses are jumping in to capitalise on this growth. However, success in the industry is intrinsically linked to solid branding, which means a quality marketing strategy needs to be put in place. Throughout this article, we will serve up four marketing tips that all businesses in the gaming industry should utilise.

Use video content

Video content is responsible for generating nearly 80% of all traffic, which means video marketing is a must for any business looking to make a success. There’s no surprise that this technique works for the gaming system, with the likes of Twitch and YouTube capturing audiences in the millions – all you need to do is look at the likes of PewDiePie, who reaches a global audience of more than 111 million.  The way gamers interact has changed, with many people seeking to play games as well as watching others play. Further, gamers are switching to PC, using high resolution high refresh rate gaming monitors like the gaming monitor 240hz, and custom-made desktops. All of this which has changed the gaming landscape even further.

Social media for branding

Social media platforms are enormous, with a global user base of over 4 billion, which is an incredible potential audience to tap into. When businesses enter into the social media space, it offers an opportunity to create a solid brand with a consistent voice. To create impactful content for social media, extensive market research needs to be carried out, which will ensure you hit the right notes. Once you’ve put your content out into the world, you can measure performance with engagement stats, reach, and demographic followers, which will tell you whether your strategy is working or not.

Approach influencers

No matter what gaming product you’re creating, from apps to peripherals, engaging with influencers is a sure way to reach a wide audience. You should research influencers relevant to your niche, and interact with them on social media to create a buzz and get noticed. Once you’ve established a connection, you can pitch your product to them and try to gain influencer promotion. When you pitch your product, make sure it’s worth their time by sending samples and creating a strong partnership.

Quality blogging boosts exposure

Through your website, you can expand on your products and offer valuable information, which will help to cement your position as an expert. When you create your business blog, you need to research keywords and ensure your content works for SEO, which will help you move up the top of search engines like Google and even Bing.

The gaming industry is set to explode in worth over the next six years, which means competition will be fierce. Having a quality marketing strategy in place will help to ensure that your product reaches the intended audience and succeeds; the techniques above will work regardless of the product.

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