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3 things you should know about "Pimp My Website"

It’s so exciting that our next event “Pimp My Website” is just around the corner. For those of you who missed the news – it’s Thursday the 6th October, 11am to 2pm, at the amazing venue we have been using lately for our seminars.

Seminars at 38
38 Devonshire Street
London W1g 6qb
We have prepared an array of amazing and useful tips which can be implemented on any website to improve the chances of people reacting in the way YOU want them to do.
Think of your call to action
Many people don’t even think about this when creating their websites. It’s so important to plan this out – what do you want your website visitors to DO? Do you want them to call you, email you, ask for a quote, buy something, share a link to your blog, come to an event? It’s an important concept and needs to be carefully considered.
Ok so what are the three things?
1. I will get right to it! First thing you should know about this event is that it’s all about the Secrets of High Conversion websites. We have stats and everything! And the idea is that every tip, in itself, is easy to implement on any EXISTING website. So, that means it doesn’t take a long time and is therefore not costly. In some cases the changes can be made for free! We also are offering a guarantee on the event.
2. The second thing is that like our other full day events, and even though this is ONLY £50 – we will be serving lunch, refreshments, and our famous Top Left Design cupcakes, made for us by our very own Tamlyn – so talented! Some people come only for the cupcakes, which are delicious – but of course we teach great stuff too!
Top Left Design Cupcakes
3. The final thing everyone should know is by coming along you get two free bonuses. One is a workbook which will be a comprehensive reminder of all the tips and tricks we are sharing – extremely useful. And the other bonus is that we will add our attendees to our internal bulletin where we share cool useful tools (don’t worry we are VERY selective!) that allow us to make our clients websites so great – usually this is ONLY for Top Left Design people but we will be sharing this with all who have come to “Pimp My Website”
Below is the link to book – see you there!!

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