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December 2016 - TLD in the press - roundup

TLD press update (and yes, websites are still important, and so are blogs!)

Few businesses would deny that the website is now utterly central to business success. In an era when every prospect or supply partner will Google both company and management team before even considering any further interaction, the website and associated social media content must display the essential voice and vision of the business.
It’s a belief I’m a strong advocate of, as some of you may already know, which is why it also underpins my recent article that appeared in the November issue of Start Your Business magazine.
The website is so much more than just a shop window, and so for those marketers struggling to retain that voice, I have also given my top tips on how to help clients re-evaluate their company’s public presence in a recent contribution I made to digital media marketing publication Fourth Source.
Intrinsic to constantly updating content that promotes this vision is a company’s blog. A few months ago, I was interviewed about this by Trevor Clawson, a UK business journalist who specialises in fast-growth companies. Trevor is a regular contributor to a whole host of magazines, newspapers and websites, including the UK’s leading independent, online resource for anyone starting and growing a business, During our chat, I was asked a number of questions for a piece on ‘How to create a blog that will really benefit your business’, which you can now read online.
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