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Stop the neglect - blogging assistance available

Successful blogging - how we can help

You probably are aware of the multiple benefits of blogging (which include SEO, showing business personality, managing objections, showing expertise, and making your website more engaging and dynamic).
Not to mention the mixed media opportunities – you can embed almost everything – YouTube videos, Instagram Posts, Tweets, and outtakes!
However, many business blogs, despite all the multiple benefits, suffer from extreme neglect. And that can be embarrassing, not to mention, the missed opportunities.
Having an active blog gives you a chance to show off the many different facets of your team, your business, your successes and your skills. And every time I run one of my “Stand Out Content” Workshops we create at least 6 months worth of fantastic content ideas.
So, if you’re struggling, perhaps allow us to help. Even if you just try it for a little while, it could help give you the boost and motivation to keep going. The minimum would be us helping you publish one blog post – most clients start with our “Pint Sized Loyalty Club” and would have 4-6 new articles published per month as part of this.
Here are the different ways we help:


We can write the blog articles for you. This is a matter of us scheduling a call, asking certain questions, and sending a draft. You would be able to give feedback and we can refine it so it’s ready to publish.


You may be fine with writing the initial first draft, but would like help to tighten up the copy, make it clearer, more focused and more in line with your business objectives.

Image Sourcing:

Each blog post needs at least one image, and we think images are a great way to communicate messages. It’s important to source images that match the article but to also avoid cheesy images and images that are too literal but not visually appealing. We help source images that fit well into the design of the website and the messages in the article.


We can help with the technical parts of publishing the blog – choosing, optimising and sizing images, incorporating EO keywords, formatting the text (including links, spacing, inline images and headline styles) choose images, and format the text within the blog. We can do this part for you and even enter the articles into your blog for you and publish them.

For example, an SEO client of our SEO partner Tom, Brixton Therapy Centre has started using monthly blogging for 4 purposes; To be included as part of the monthly newsletters sent to the mailing list, to be featured on the blog onsite, to be featured on social media channels such as Facebook and so he can add links to the articles from Google my Business posts. So 1 new piece of content, has multiple uses and can reach a wider audience.

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