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One day, or day one

Procrastination out of fear - and our pre-Halloween offer!

Procrastination – out of fear? Err – yeah!

It’s not just you. It’s me. It’s us. It’s that guy over there and that woman you passed in the street just this morning! We all have it.

But, as Halloween approaches, we need to face fear straight in the face!
It’s time to stop feeling sheepish and embarrassed.

We are currently running a pre-Halloween offer where, in 20 mins, we help you face the fears you are having and identify the things on your website/social media that may be scaring people off.

It could be “day one” today – send us a quick message and we’ll be on our way!

If you don’t do anything here’s what might be happening. Read on bravely:

  • People can be coming to your site or social profiles and seeing some glitch or mistake or confusing message and heading off somewhere else!
  • People may not even know you exist because you’re inactive or invisible online.
  • You may be talking in a language that appeals to exactly the wrong or opposite type of person than who fits your ideal client “avatar”
  • You may be wasting time on activities that are ineffective

Take this prompt as a gift (your Halloween treat!) – send us an email or fill out our contact form and we’ll book you in for that 20 min meeting (FOC) and we’ll face the fear together!

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