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Soho House Lunchtime Talk - Content Marketing

My next Soho House talk - on one of my favourite topics - Content Marketing!

I am going to be doing another talk at Soho House – my 3rd this year. Mark the date in your diary – 21st October, 1pm!
And this time it’s about Content Marketing!
To me, Content Marketing is like the parent of social media, email marketing, even websites! It encompasses all the things you and your business can publish online to share insights and knowledge and experience, so you are associated with what you are good at, and connect better with your audience!
I have loved these talks, the room is great, the IT people have everything setup when I arrive, the room is full and I have met some great people already.
Usually Soho House invites their members, and I am given a guest list of who I can invite – I get to invite 10 people.
So if you see this and want to be on the list, please let me know and I can see if I can squeeze you in! It’s first come first serve as usual.

In this one hour, I will share key tips on:

  1. 3 key parts to content marketing
  2. Types of content
  3. Scheduling for efficiency
  4. How to identify your key messages
  5. Creating a content calendar
  6. The role of spontaneity
  7. Use of images (legally)
  8. Stratefic ideas for content
  9. How Content Marketing works with social media

If you are a member of Soho House, be sure to sign up on the House Seven app. If not, message me or email me!

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  1. Caroline Bosher

    Hi Keren – it’s been too long since I’ve seen you! I saw your talk appear on LinkedIn and my business partner and I would love to attend if you have any spots left?
    Very best,