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Magic Workshop with Rachel Elnaugh

Keren and Rachel at The Oyster Club dinner
It all started when I attended the Women Unlimited Conference 2011: Ready to take on the World on the 14th of March. There were many great speakers there (including our great friend Tamsin Fox Davies and of course – Rachel Elnaugh. Rachel is a business mentor and speaker – she used to run Red Letter Days and appeared on the first series of Dragon’s Den.

Rachel Elnaugh magic workshop

A limited number of Women Unlimited conference attendees could sign up for a special “Women Unlimited One Day Magic Workshop” with Rachel. I was one of the lucky few and I attended on the 4th of May. In advance of this, those who signed up were asked questions like “What is your ambition for your business and in what timescale” and “If you could Magic any three things to help you right now what would they be?”.


There were 11 attendees at the workshop and we all got a good sense of each other’s businesses during the open discussions. As the event was specifically for Women Unlimited conference attendees, we were all women entrepreneurs, with a variety of different businesses at different stages – including an organic cotton sheet company, a well established training business, a burlesque training company, an interior designer, an environmental consultant, a florist shop owner, and Julie Hall (founder of Women Unlimited). And – to keep with the female entrepenur theme – the workshop was held at the fantastic venue – the B.Hive which is for women only!

We had all been listening to Rachel Elnaugh’s daily mentioring videos so we had an idea of some of the things she could teach us, but still I found the workshop to be very useful as it allowed us to get direct advice and suggestions from Rachel – and she really made us all think. Some of the topics included Feng Shui, branding, energy blocks, “seven second sizzle statements” writing a “definite chief aim”, and lots and lots of marketing advice.

The following day – Thursday 5th May, I attended the Tanys Rennick’s Oyster Club Black Pearl dinner where Rachel was a speaker – a different style of speaking and also very inspirational – she had the audience captivated.

So it was a real Rachel Elnaugh week for me! Were you there too?

Feel free to comment below on the above – or just tell us about the magic in your business!

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  1. Isabella Brusati

    Hi Keren,
    I attended Rachel’s Magic workshop in April and she is truly inspirational. Rachel has a unique approach to business: commercial, pragmatic yet personable, with a touch of Feng Shui. I really like the fact that after the Magic Workshop you can attend Rachel’s virtual mentoring sessions. Absolutely Magic!

  2. Rachael Mills

    I went on a similar journey to Keren – firstly being inspired at the Women Unlimited Conference in March – and then taking the plunge and signing up to Rachel Elnaugh’s Magic Workshop and business support – and what a fantastic experience it was!
    B.Hive was the perfect venue for the session – calm, inspiring, and very feminine! The workshop was really positive, and as Rachel suggested at the beginning the Mastermind effect soon took hold with us all making suggestions and trying to help our co-entrepreneurs to get the the nub of exactly what it is our businesses do.
    I came away from the workshop immensely inspired and excited about the prospects for my business. I think the other women did too – we’re all planning to meet again in a couple of months to share more ideas and continue the journey!
    Rachael Mills
    SE2 Ltd (the environmental consultant!)

  3. Tanya Rennick

    It sounds like the the workshop was amazing. I wish I could have been there. I feel I almost was because I know so many of the attendees and keep hearing about all the fantastic things you learnt that day! Thursday belonged to The Black Pearl Club and I was extremely proud to welcome Rachel as our special guest and speaker. I completely agree, she had the audience captivated. What a very special night!

  4. Julie Stevens

    Hi Keren
    It was great to finally meet you at Rachel’s Magic Workshop day having been following each other on Twitter for some while.
    So often as micro and small business owners we get so involved in our businesses we forget to work on our business. This day was a day for working ON! The energy in the room at B.Hive from the word go was papable. Lots of laughing and brain chatter. The day sizzled away so quickly but as I unfurl my large sheets of paper and read the notes I made I know I am moving forward and its exciting!
    Can’t wait to see everyone again and in the meantime there is Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and blogs to keep us all up to speed with whats going on.