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Everyone needs a best friend - Molly and Max Vetrinary Clinic branding and website

Many people believe that dogs are man’s best friend, here at Top Left Design we like to believe that we are man’s best friend.
A good design agency can be the first and best friend you should have when starting a new business or venture.
What is a business without a corporate identity? You wouldn’t dream of starting a business without a name, and the same should be for your corporate identity. Sometimes a logo can be even more memorable than a name.
That’s why Ella from Molly & Max Veterinary Clinic got in touch with us. She understood how important her corporate identity was and she made sure she got the best. We started by creating the Molly & Max logo, once she was happy with that we moved on to business cards, compliment slips and a letterhead. She was now set for marketing her company, but an online presence is just as, if not more important than printed media, and so came about the Molly & Max website!
Molly & Max Stationary

The website features images of the practice and team and has loads of information about Molly & Max. We also included a blog which Ella has been very good at keeping up to date. A blog is a great way to keep your clients informed about what is happening with the company and how things are progressing. It’s also a very useful platform from which to show off the good work being done. Why not read about the First Surgical Patients to visit Molly & Max.
Not only did we help Ella with her stationary and website but we continue to help her create printed media to promote the company further. We created postcards for Ella to deliver around the neighbourhood to announce the arrival of Molly & Max.
Molly & Max Postcards
We also created the sign board to hang outside of the practice, and a board to point people in the street towards Molly & Max. Our most recent project was to create two table banners for Molly & Max to use at a local fair in Parsons Green.
Local fair in Parsons Green
With a great corporate identity there is no limit to the marketing materials you can create. And we hope to be able to work on much much more with Ella and Molly & Max.

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  1. Daniel

    Good post. It’s always good to see when service industries see the value in good design and branding – just because people need you, doesn’t mean you don’t need to distinguish yourself and try and appeal to your potential customers.

  2. Victoria Blount

    Great post i love the quality and emotive nature of the corporate identity logo, the choice of colour and typography. I think the website could be more sophisticated to match the high quality of the printed media.