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Holding your hand

Content marketing is a big journey so we may need to hold hands for a bit first.

What prompted this?

We were asked by the guys at Galactic Fed to share this post about content marketing for B2B Saas businesses. At the moment, we’re working with 2 of these, and it struck me how overwhelming this might be to the newbies out there.

However it may seem like a huge mountain to climb, I believe in content marketing as a strategy that works for any business that requires some form of influence on other human beings and their opinion of you.

Good content marketing does all this and more:

  • Builds awareness of your business and brand
  • Gets you noticed
  • Lets people know you’re in business
  • Shows people your expertise
  • Allows people to get to know more about you
  • Gives you credibility
  • Builds an archive of material you can use in your sales process
  • Allows people to associate you with what you’re good at

And I’ve noticed from working with even the digitally savvy clients and teams, getting setup in all of this is the challenge. Habit-forming is needed, but there’s an initial learning curve that varies according to who you’re talking to.

After learning about each step, there is still the “work” that goes into creating, scheduling and publishing content, reviewing results and using content to move people down the sales funnel!

We are very involved with many of our clients in getting started on this journey. I run my “Stand Out Content” workshops over 2 sessions on Zoom – the resuls being the topics, ideas, headlines for the content that needs to be created to attract the audience you want. And a full understanding of what it all means!

So, it’s hard, I know, and I am offering to hold your hand! Get in touch for more information on how this work, I have a single page PDF that will give you all the info you need. And check out that blog too!

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