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Choosing the right font

When it comes to incorporating text into a design, choosing the right font is as important as choosing the right words. Typography is an ancient craft, and yet one that is constantly changing, with new fonts constantly being designed, and the development of new channels for content delivery. Your font choice should be carefully thought through and determined by a number of factors – and you’ll be surprised to know that ‘looking pretty’ is not top of the list. Ultimately, typography should help your text to achieve its goals. Here are some practical tips. 


What is the most important attribute a text needs to have, regardless of how or where it is published?  It needs to be readable, of course. It’s shocking just how many websites, mobile apps, printed materials, even magazines, and newspapers use typefaces and fonts that are ineligible due to character sizing or spacing. Some fonts are simply so ugly or poorly designed that they are almost impossible to read. This also goes for ‘novelty’ fonts – those with a wild and unique style that leaps out at the reader. They may have some ‘wow’ factor, but often don’t stand up to detailed reading, and become a complete turn-off. Don’t fall at the first hurdle – make your text clear and readable! 

Know your audience

Knowing who you are catering for and thinking about what would appeal to them is a solid starting point for choosing a font.

5 Rules of Typography

Typography surrounds us everyday and most of us aren’t even aware of the impact it makes. We see things written, words grab our attention, we’re swayed into thinking and feeling certain things and we don’t stop to think why.

So maybe it’s time to sit up and take note of these little letters that make such an impact on our every day lives. Here are 5 rules of typography that might make you start to look at things in a different light and realise that no well designed type is ever an accident.

Kerning is key

Kerning is the space that occurs between letters in a word. Most people assume that this is automatically done within editing programs but the truth is that a lot of fonts don’t have great kerning. If the spacing looks wrong to you it probably is. Trust your instincts and fix it by manually adjusting the spacing. It’s time consuming but it can be the difference between a good design and a great design.