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Today we uploaded our new header to our Improve Your Presence Online Blog.

As you can see it’s based on a doodle design. It sparked off a conversation at our staff meeting. I said doodle but I was eating corn on the cob at the time. So, Anine thought I said “noodle”. I said “doodle” and she said “noodle?” and I said “doodle”. Then Amy said – “doodle”!

Then we talked about how people doodle when they want to be doing something else.

Then Amy reminisced how at school they would stick noodles onto paper for collage art.
It was a “noodle doodle”.

Anine then pointed out the “nowadays you can Google a noodle doodle!”

In any case – we would love your opinion on the doodle theme – should we create oodles of doodles?