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6 amazing projects created by my Digital Planning students!

In addition to running my amazing design agency Top Left Design, I am also sometimes a teacher for French MBA students at INSEEC “Sup de Pub” in their London campus. It’s a way of “giving back” and I try to get my students to help some of our clients- a win win situation when they can look at real life businesses. And others, I give them the full creative freedom of invented projects – meaning they save chasing down clients for the actual working world!
For each of my classes I split them into 5 groups – and then give each a brief for the students to work through over the next few classes. I wanted to show you some of the wonderful work they have been doing with these projects – including some cool infographics!

The 5am Club

Robin Sharma the author of the book “The leader who had no title”, which talks about real success in business and in life, and he also encourages people to wake up at 5am. But why? Why wake up so early when you could comfortably sleep until 7am? Because from 5am to 8am are “The Golden Hours” that the most successful achievers in the world use to set up their days for success. The way you begin your day really does determine how you live your day. My students had to start a campaign to spread the word and get students “winning the battle of the bed”!
Here’s the incredibly convincing video:

Thanks to the punchy tagline, they motivated students via a Facebook page on which they post a lot about people who practice the “5am concept”. They also give advice on many ways to wake up easily, on what you can do to start your day like you live your life, with success!
The 5am Club - Facebook page
Inspirational content is important to make people believe by themselves in what you are standing for and Pinterest is ideal for that.
The 5am Club - Pinterest
Now, you know what you have to do tomorrow morning for a successful life!

Hercules – The Legend Begins

For this movie, starring Kellan Lutz and Liam McIintyer, I asked my students to help raise awareness about the movie, about the panel in NYC Comic Con
They created this amazing Tumblr: Chronicles of The Real Hercules, a brilliant idea which allowed them to write stories as if Hercules had written them himself.
5 Tricks from Hercules - Tumblr
What you should know about Hercules' family - Tumblr


Mixological Cocktails - Facebook Page
The UK’s top (fictional) mixology school – Mixological – wants to attract a new breed of students to learn mixology, so people are not only drawn to desk bound jobs, but want to make a career out of cocktails. The project was to help them to make the idea cool and also a valid career choice, by showing the benefits of learning this skill.
Mixological Posts - Facebook Page
The cocktails, from Tequila Sunrise to Bloody Mary are a universal language.
World Map of Cocktails - Facebook Page

Fine and Candy

For the sweet things in life - Fine and Candy
If you are hungry right now, I advise you to just scroll down quickly and don’t look at those mouth-watering Pinterest boards. This team had to work for one of our client Fiona and her business: Fine&Candy. The main thing was to create an attractive content about her activity, the pastry.
Infographic - The World of Marshmallows - Fine and Candy
Fine and Candy - Pinterest Boards
If you want to know more about Fiona and her amazing creations, go on her website: Fine and Candy.

The International Association of Black and White Movies

They had a challenge on their hands. If the association didn’t raise enough awareness about Black and White movies, they risked these movies becoming obsolete and their organisation not getting funding anymore. They needed help on their digital marketing to reach new audiences.
The team choose to bring in front of the scene the glamour side of those black and white movies.
Let's Save Black & White Movies
Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, all these famous actresses are today the symbols of classic black and white movies.
Get the Audrey Hepburn look - Pinterest
10 Random Facts about Black & White Movies - Tumblr

The Happiness Project

If you make others happy you will be happy too! This team’s job was to create awareness on how being grumpy isn’t worthwhile or helpful – and spreading joy is preferable! They used Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to spread this “happiness way of life”.
Do What Makes You OH-SO Happy
Share those little things that makes your life so amazing!
The Happiness Project - Twitter
And the last word, but not the least.

Here are the logos that have been created for other amazing projects!
Digital Planning Projects - Logos

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