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Local search - 5 tips for improving your local SEO

5 tips for improving local SEO for your business

For almost every business, SEO and local SEO are essential factors in helping to drive business to their website through online searches. Although traditional SEO is an important tool for improving your company’s presence on a more global scale, there are many differences between SEO and local SEO.

For smaller businesses, local SEO is the best route at building on local search territory, helping them to form connections with searches occurring in their area.

Regardless of what size your business, if you are looking for ways to help improve your local SEO, here are just a few tips you can implement into your current business marketing strategy.

Add location pages

Search engines review your site when they are finding the sites that have the most similar matches, which they can provide as a result on the search engine results pages. As such, having a page dedicated to the location of your business, whether you have multiple locations or just one, will allow search engines to locate your listing and provide the searcher with an appropriate match.

Consistency is key. Ensure that however you write the address of your location, is replicated on all of your other platforms, such as your social media pages. In the future, if you were to alter the spelling on the website, update your information on other sites and platforms.

For example, Blues music bar and restaurant The Blues Kitchen makes excellent use of this on their website, with each location of their venues given their own part of the website. For example Shoreditch, Brixton & Camden. As the The Blues Kitchen grows larger, new venues such as The Blues Kitchen Manchester Live Music Bar can be added to the site and benefit from the already good SEO performance, of the main website domain name.

Consider advice from a local agency

When improving your search engine ranking, it can be worth consolidating with SEO experts who know exactly how to help drive more traffic to your site. If you are a small business looking to improve your local SEO, you may choose to work with a local business.

For example, if your business was based in Surrey, finding a company that has a focus on SEO there might prove to be beneficial, as they know what will help to improve your ranking for that area. For anyone looking in this area, firms such as VA Web Design & SEO provide SEO services in Surrey that can help your business rank higher on Google Search local results. If the strategies they provide are effective, then you are rewarded with a high return on your investment.

Make the most out of Google My Business

One of the most effective ways to improve your ranking on Google Maps, along with where you place on Google Search local results is through your Business Profile. Your Business Profile can show photos of your business, opening times, reviews and shows the location of your business. You can manage your Business Profile through your Google My Business account. In doing so, you can ensure the address on your Business Profile matches your website but also looks professional and perfectly represents your business. For example Allington Therapy Osteopath in Wimbledon makes excellent use of imagery on their google business listing to compliment the imagery onsite, whilst Guy Favero Ferber Dental Clinic makes excellent use of google business in terms of gaining 100+ reviews so far.

Creating content centred on local news

Whether it is writing a blog post about a local event or news story or creating videos that are focused on local charities or cause that your business supports, can make a difference. Creating pieces in which the topic is about something happening in the local area can grab potential customers’ attention.

Creating a page on your website that is dedicated to blog posts around local stories, with the name of the location appearing, will mean your site is noted by search engines when they look into your site.

Enhance use of local terms

It might seem like an obvious point but homing in on using local terms on your website and any platform will make a difference. If you are unsure of what keywords to use, there are any tools out there which allow you to find a range of keywords that you can incorporate into your text to further improve your Google ranking.

For example AKE Sports Management London has taken this is a step further and added Spanish, French & Portuguese fully translated parts of the website, to also target the international audience they are aiming to attract clients from.

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