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5 Mistakes People Make on Twitter

Following on from my last post which was all about the “do’s” of Twitter – I wanted to ensure you all know about the “don’ts”. Feel free to add more – especially if you have seen people do things on Twitter that annoy you!

Twitter Don’ts:

1. Don’t constantly tweet about what you are doing or links to YOUR special offers and YOUR blog – people are more interested in things that are useful to them. Twitter is not about advertising yourself, it’s about marketing and communicating in a helpful and friendly way. Instead, mix up your tweets with links to useful articles, retweets of other tweets, quotes, comments, and SOMETIMES – stuff about your blog and offers.

2. Don’t be an “egg” – ie leave the default picture thumbnail of the little egg and the default background. Instead take the time to upload a good thumbnail cropped picture of yourself (a person to person connection is what it’s about) and aim to have a customised background. Ask us if you would like one created for you!

3. Don’t just follow celebrities and journalist/news Twitter accounts. Instead follow people in your own field, suppliers etc. You can look for lists of these people on Listorious and look at who the people you follow are following, who they talk to on Twitter. Once you follow these people, then follow lots of other people.

4. Don’t go without tweeting for too long – Twitter takes commitment to work – although of course you are allowed to take holidays, you need to answer each tweet, participate regularly and keep tweeting! There are ways to schedule tweets and our favourite is Buffer.

5. Don’t swear – If you are using Twitter to market your business, it’s best to appeal to the largest percentage of the population – those who probably think it’s not professional to swear online! However there are many people who do swear on Twitter – some of whom have good success with it. I personally prefer to err on the side of caution!
Hope that is useful to you! Be sure to book into our Social Media – Can You Afford To Ignore It? seminar – this Friday!

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  1. Lorelei Gibb

    Really useful post, thank you Keren. My “don’t” would be moan – or whinge, or post only negative comments. There is enough negativity in the “real world” without seeing it spashed all over Twitter!


    First mistake, I was suspended for 48 hours for some illegal actions from me…if you asked me I will answer you I got no idea. They (twitter people) acused of wrongdoing. Time will tell, if I keep doing the same mistake over and over.They won’t say specifically the mistake, but they told me I am a bad boy.