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10 things my brother (Twitter "noob") learned about Twitter in his first week!

My brother has written a list of 10 things he has learned about Twitter and I thought it would be useful to share.

  1. There is too much information out there and Im guilty of perpetuating this just as much as the next twit.
  2. People genuinely appreciate connection.
  3. It doesn’t take long to make someone your friend on twitter.
  4. It doesn’t take long to loose a friend on Twitter
  5. Twitter is much much more than a tool to advertise your wares
  6. The tweet with the smile wins
  7. Twittering can take all of your time – if you let it. Keep a healthy distance.
  8. Less is more – Tweet with clarity and intent. People will thank you for it.
  9. You can never tell a persons facial expression from the font. Sarcasm is completely and utterly missed in text.
  10. Every good list has ten things on it – if you only have nine – just say anything.

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