Marketing workshops

A big part of what we do at TLD is “teach and learn” – it’s one of our 4 values! Whether you’re going to be doing your own marketing yourself, or if you’re planning to outsource, it helps to have a good knowledge of what “good” and “great” should look! This is where our marketing workshops on topics like social media, content marketing, and blogging, come in!

Types of sessions

We have several different workshops we run, and adapt to the audience size, time allowed, and skills within the team. and there are some popular ones that we do more often. People learn in different ways – and how interactive the sessions are depends on how many people are in the session and the time allowed. They can be virtual using Teams, Whereby or Zoom – or in person!

Some options:

  • 2 hour 1-2-1 session
  • Interactive group workshop
  • Speaking slot for a specific audience
  • (from 10mins to full day)
  • Bespoke strategy session for your business, organisation, or peer group

Those new to social media

Social media is still a relatively new thing for many, and in business, it;s usually an important asset . Some people have yet to jump in with both feet, and others have an inkling but aren’t fully confident they are doing what they should an dall they can. Within our workshops, we help to close those knowledge gaps, and make people feel they are ready to get started. Not only that, but motivated, inspired and brimming with ideas.

Each session is iterative, with the biggest messages emphasised – and lots of real life examples, stories and tips.

Social media for personal branding

In most channels, it helps to be yourself – to the level you are comfortable with. Your experience and expertise can be truthfully communicated through social media profiles and activity, without you seeming arrogant.

Thought leadership

Whatever you are good at and expert in, whatever you stand for, can be the basis for useful original content that you can create and share on social media. More and more, people start to associate you with your skills, values and expertise.

Recommendations, rules, best practices

Social media is used in many different ways, and the training is not to dictate to you exactly what to say and when, but to guide you on the culture of each channel, the differences between them, and strategies on how to use them to meet your business goals.

Topics for workshops

Below are some of the topics and workshops offered – and these can be combined and adapted.

  • LinkedIn – how to make best use of it for personal branding and opportunities
  • Beginners guide to Twitter for Business
  • “Extreme Twitter” – strategic marketing and engagement
  • Maximising Facebook marketing
  • Blogging – how to write great headlines, what to write about, planning your blog
  • Stand Out Content: A popular workshop about content Marketing and planning – what to post and share, when and where, how to create headlines, and topics that people will be interested in.
  • “The Content Marketing Gameplan” – how to create and share content that your audience wants to see


  • Half day (4 hours) workshops: £800+VAT
  • 2 hour sessions: £450+VAT
  • Short speaking engagements (up to 45mins) £180+VAT or FOC
  • Package of 5 sessions: £1600+VAT

Whatever you choose, we will adapt our training and create a marketing plan to increase your online presence.

Top Left Design literally have my marketing under control, I love them.

Phill BatemanTRG Recruitment

Great value is about combining excellent design, helpful relationship and fair pricing – Top Left get full marks on all three counts. I’m on my second website – now responsive and built with WordPress –  with the team and they have delivered an excellent result both times, not only online but in helping me to think through what I really wanted to achieve and making sure I reached that destination. Many thanks!

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