Design and development

We specialise in bespoke design and custom websites – meaning websites “from scratch. And we have a guarantee which is reassuring and crucial: nothing is ever pushed “live” without you being happy and proud to show it to the world!

Following the TLD Journey, one step at a time, starting with a briefing session, working on and presenting designs, and then moving on to coding – with sign-off at every stage – keeping in mind that “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”.

It comes from the tried and tested experience of a really talented team.

You may be misled by our youthful appearance and energy – the fact is, we’ve been around since 2002, experiencing first hand the impressive evolution of websites, design, digital resources, browsers, SEO rules, plugins, APIs, and code. TLD was founded (2002) by Keren, and that was not long after websites and content management systems became mainstream.

With this vast experience and a genuine interest in being up to speed with current design tools, technology, we ensure our websites work well on the latest browsers, operating systems, and the browsing habits of humans who interact with them! Post-launch, regular improvements are needed to ensure the websites, blogs or newsletters remain clear, user friendly, and appealing.

  • We create websites, blogs and newsletters from scratch
  • We manage integrations with other marketing channels.
  • We help our clients with keeping sites up to date and upgraded
  • We can even take over, manage and maintain websites originated by “third parties”.

Quick outlines below for projects we design and develop – and we’ll happily chat with you, to answer questions and help you decide on your next best steps!

Bespoke WordPress site

Bespoke design and custom code is an upgrade from templates and themes, and we specialise in customised WordPress.

Multipanel websites

Ideal for soloprenuers and startups, these websites have our signature high level design and pixel perfect custom code, but fewer pages to create and manage.

eCommerce website

If you’re looking to sell online, we will design and code each part of the user journey, incorporating elements that motivate people to buy.

Email Marketing

We design, setup and help structure your email communications, and help you with your mailing lists and subject lines too.

Customised holding page

While your website is still in the making, a holding page is a professional way to introduce your brand to the world.

Customised blogs

A blog on your website is possibly the most powerful element! Blogs allow for you to have as many articles as you like, and if planned well, are great for SEO and help you show your company personality and expertise.
Donor whisperer

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with a LOT of different coders and agencies. It’s taken me this long to find an agency I can trust when it comes to WordPress. I vetted them by spending my own money on a project. It went better than expected (and I expect a lot from the people I work with). I was wowed by how fast they worked, and the design was gorgeous!

Rachel CollinsonDonor Whisperer
TLD not only designed my website for one book but have managed to freshen it up for the next book…they keep my online presence smarter and more up to date than I could ever begin to and are constantly thinking of new ways to display my work. Its been a delight to work with the TLD team.
Anne Sebba