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We here at Top Left Design aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces that whip up marvellous websites, we all have other hidden talents too!


Take Michael, for example. He’s quite the music man – he plays guitar and drums, and has even had a go at piano (we’re still waiting for the demo though!)

Michael the music man


Tina is our resident juggler (excitement!) and on top of that a very talented Illustrator.
Tina Illustration

Tina also made a chicken out of a tea towel. To find out how, check out the step by step instructions on her blog!
Tina made a chicken out of a tea towel

An article will be appearing in the next Business Matters magazine which means Top Left Design will be reaching new dizzy heights of fame. How exciting is that? There is a strict copy deadline which we are aiming to meet and then it will be published in the first week of September.

There is also going to be a special offer for a website design within that magazine, for readers only. If you want to get yourself a copy of the magazine, please get in touch