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Keren and Top Left Design mentioned in a client's newsletter

We were very pleased to see that a client of ours mentioned our name in their newsletter. Robin Clarke from Bluecoat Wealth Management put a PDF version of his latest newsletter into his blog and in the introduction there were the words “Abbie Tanner of ‘A Business Innovation’ and Keren Lerner of ‘Top Left Design’ have done an outstanding job with the new Bluecoat Wealth Management website, which I encourage you to visit and recommend to your colleagues, friends and family”

Our Amy Senyard was the main person responsible for the design and build of this site which is a great one for our portfolio – if we do say so ourselves. And Abbie Tanner was the one behind the strategy, brief, message and wording. If you haven’t seen the Bluecoat Wealth Management site yet, have a look – we are very proud of the work we did! Thanks Robin for the kind mention!

I was privileged to be asked to write a small article for the Kensington and Chelsea Times. We also placed an ad which was displayed next to the article. We will shortly be posting a blog version of the article – but I wanted to quickly post this to show you how we had our words in print!

Kensington and Chelsea Times

Update: Read the entire article we placed!

An article will be appearing in the next Business Matters magazine which means Top Left Design will be reaching new dizzy heights of fame. How exciting is that? There is a strict copy deadline which we are aiming to meet and then it will be published in the first week of September.

There is also going to be a special offer for a website design within that magazine, for readers only. If you want to get yourself a copy of the magazine, please get in touch