Oh you lucky human! You found the meet our pets page!

There are a few cat and dog owners here at TLD so we thought it was only fair our little feline and canine friends made an appearance. Meet the TLD pets in all their glory. Little (and large) bundles of cute, fluffy wholesomeness. Most of the time…

PippinLawsCushion tester


Pippin is a round grey tabby with an odd affinity for chewing on plastic bags when excited. She loves 4am cuddles, scratching the corner of the sofa in defiance after being told not to, and exploring the field at the bottom of the garden. She considers it a Most Important Job to sample the food and make sure it’s up to scratch before the bowls are put out.

Likes? Monorailing along the bottom of the sofa, boxes, napping and her feather toy.

Favourite snoozing position? Anywhere mum is. Preferably on top of her.

Favourite food? Dreamies (cheese flavour).

Dislikes? Wet grass.

LucasSenyardGangster Dawg


Lucas and Amy were first united when a nice lady rescued him from being left in the cold in a box with his siblings. Lucas has since moved along with Amy to over 10 different homes and is now as well travelled as she is. He is loving whilst at the same time being completely aloof – now that’s some skills. He really loves it when Amy makes up songs about him – like the one about how round his head is.

Likes? Sleeping mostly. Singing at birds, lizards and geckos. And rubbing himself up against things like bunches of carrots, celery and flowers before they can make it into the fridge or a vase – it’s very odd.

Favourite snoozing position? Any way at all. But usually with his paws curled like a bunny and his tummy exposed, but don’t you dare touch that belly!

Favourite food? Lucas is on weight management pellets, so he lives for his soft food pouches and tuna juice. Also, avo, eggs, popcorn, basically whatever is on the closest human’s plate. He lacks manners.

Dislikes? Tummy tickles and exercise.

PoppyLawsPudding maker


Poppy is the skitty kitty of the Laws household. She is a total heat hog and always has dibs on the radiator cat bed in winter. When she’s not sleeping she likes a mad dash around the house, feeling the breeze through her whiskers, chasing birds up the apple tree, and leaving muddy pawprints on the freshly made bed.

Likes? Paddling in the bathroom sink on a hot day.

Favourite snoozing position? The “doughnut”.

Favourite food? Human grade tuna.

Favourite pastime? Staring at things her humans can’t see.

Dislikes? Vet visits.

PoppyThompsonCurtain climber


Poppy is a black and white tripod cat and is quite a bit smaller than her sister Daisy. She likes to follow people around everywhere and will meow at you to tell you to sit down so she can climb on your lap. She has a lot of crazy time running around the house, hunting for birds, climbing curtains, eating house plants and stealing hair bands.

Likes? Sitting on laptops when people are trying to work.

Favourite snoozing position? Curled in a ball.

Favourite food? Tuna.

Favourite pastime? Ruining carpets and eating sponges from the sink.

DaisyThompsonEnergy conserver


Daisy is a tabby with white socks, she thinks she is the boss of the house but she is not. Even though her and Poppy are from the same litter she is a lot bigger, which is probably down to her inhaling her food without taking a breath and then headbutting Poppy out of the way to get to hers. She likes to sleep on anything clean and soft and will spread herself out as much as possible to get in a comfy position.

Likes?  Eating and sleeping on clean washing.

Favourite snoozing position? On her back, stretched out as much as possible.

Favourite pastime? Sleeping and eating.

Favourite time of day? Anytime that she can sleep or eat.

PerroRaficShoe collector

Perro Rafic

Perro lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and speaks a mixture of Hebrew and English. He is Keren’s surprise adopted dog and while she’s always been a cat person, she likes his optimism and friendliness.

Likes? He enjoys collecting shoes and hiding them in his bed, and is wonderful with children and other dogs.

Favourite snoozing position? He likes to stretch out on his bed in a silent protest that he may have outgrown it.

Favourite food? He has been kept on a strict diet of food only for puppies and dogs, but he loves to eat watermelon.

Dislikes? He doesn’t like to be reprimanded for eating shoes.

Favourite pastime? Playing with other dogs, and finding random sticks and bones and chewing on them for hours.

HankSenyardLicking enthusiast

Hank Senyard
Hank Senyard

Hank joined Amy’s family in November 2020. He was adopted from a great South African adoption initiative called Oscars Arc. He was expected to be a medium sized dog, but his paws and quick growth at 3.5 months old are telling us a different story – make space! He loves to play as much as he likes to sleep, which is great – we all believe in a good work/life/play balance here at TLD.

Likes? Going for walks, sprinting in circles and snacking on anything.

Favourite snoozing position? Hank likes to take up as much space as possible usually, and he’s getting bigger every day.

Favourite food? Dog food, cat food, human food, plants, dirt… the list goes on.

Dislikes? Putting on his harness. Fireworks.