Wix Partnership

Affordable and Impressive?

At last, a way to have both

At last, a way we can work together even if you’re looking for something really affordable, yet still effective and impressive.

A website that attracts your audience – without the bespoke time and money

As partners with Wix, we are able to provide high quality, affordable, updateable, quicker to launch professional sites. Even for those with limited time or budgets.

This even includes database, membership and e-commerce sites.

In summary – you would have:

Guidance on the site structure and messaging


We’re now able to offer the full spread of sites, from template to bespoke.

Over the last 20 years we’ve been known for three things:

  • Efficiency and reliability
  • A great team to work with
  • Advice and guidance along the way

You realise soon enough the time and energy it takes to create a full site from scratch.

Keren Lerner

Our bespoke sites have made us known as a team that can design to any brief, build designs “pixel perfect” and give clients a way to translate their vision to reality, even if they can’t see it themselves when they close their eyes.

Now, with our new partnership with Wix, we have the ability to save time and cost and still get a high quality result. With their new functional add-ons and their “Editor X” anything done on WordPress or other platforms can also be accomplished on Wix.

We offer:

  • Hosting for Wix Sites
  • A new website from scratch, using Wix templates – full new multipage site prices from £1500
  • Customisation on colour, image selection, and typographic elements
  • Advice and guidance for the structure and order of information
  • A full creative briefing service, to gather information about what makes you different, what qualities would give your audience reassurance, and how to communicate your company personality with the right tone of voice.

Steps we take

  • We will choose from the various themes and present you with 2-3 options that fit the brief.
  • We help you plan the order of elements, navigation link names, and what goes on which page – so people are one click away from the information they want.
  • We’ll mockup how different images and colours may look on the theme
  • We will also manage the required decisions and information – we are an expert team with extensive project management experience.

You know what’s really handy?

  • We have amazing project management skills – so you don’t have to plan or think more than you want to.
  • We have really expert design eyes, which is useful even with templates, as we can select templates that will suit your needs
  • We can still customise, and with Editor X, quite a lot, with extra APIs and features beyond what you’d expect – which means even with a template can make it look unique
  • We have a step-by-step process to get it done – starting with a brief, theme selection, presentation of options, mock-ups and building out the pages. We also do content entry and formatting for you.
  • A sequence to get it done. You know where you stand at all times

Let’s talk about it

Every website we do is different, and we offer a no-pressure discovery sessions – click on this link to book a meeting or there’s a tab at the top of each page you can use!