Fixing little things across your website

Little changes, upgrades, improvements and maintenance on your website

Do we do website maintenance at TLD?

Yes! We help people keep their sites up to date, with one of our website maintenance plans, and even can take over the maintenance of a pre-done website. We specialise in WordPress sites, but we are great with design and HTML as bespoke design is our specialty. We often do a Website Audit with a list of suggestions for improvements and provide training if you want to learn to do some simpler changes yourself and you have a WordPress site.

What happens when a site is launched, is it deemed “finished”?

Of course not. If we have been working on your site, and are prepping the masterpiece for launch, we do a lot of due diligence. Once we have checked and matched it against checklists and cast our eyes again over it, done a sanity check, looked at it a bit more, read it through, and given it the once over, and you have done the same, we may be ready to launch, but that doesn’t mean it’s done!

Website maintenance

That’s where website maintenance comes in. In fact, in the last few years, when we have measured it, we have seen that 50% of our work is on website maintenance services.

We do website maintenance on:

  1. Websites and brands we have created for our clients
  2. Websites and brands we have taken over – where our clients worked with someone else previously and need someone they can trust to take over.

This can be used for:

  • WordPress security updates
  • Additional pages added to your website
  • Google Adwords, Remarketing Banners
  • Social media banner design
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Stationery
  • SEO work

What does it cost?

Prices start at £110+VAT for small changes (up to an hour), or £340+VAT for a newly taken over site. This includes work as well – we like to prove ourselves and get things done efficiently. We work with US clients too so imagine a dollar sign and we can talk about it.

A website done by someone else

When it comes to taking over another website, we usually need a bit of extra time initially to get the site downloaded and backed up, try out the login details, login and have a look under the hood, and help you to decide what the priority changes would be. We encourage you to make a list, and divide it into priorities. This way, when we are getting to know your site, we can also start on some of the simpler more straightforward maintenance changes right away.