The Mezzotint Man

Website and book setting the record straight on the life of The Mezzotint Man - David Lucas

The Mezzotint Man is a book that follows the life of one artist – the engraver David Lucas – whose work with the painter John Constable brought him renown without reward, a place in history despite neglect in his own time. Author, Michael Brewer studied history at the University of Oxford and has worked in research across various sectors. The website connects the images and illustrations discussed in the book so that readers can see high quality copies and access full information about them.

Great value is about combining excellent design, helpful relationship and fair pricing – Top Left get full marks on all three counts. I’m on my second website – now responsive and built with WordPress –  with the team and they have delivered an excellent result both times, not only online but in helping me to think through what I really wanted to achieve and making sure I reached that destination. Many thanks!

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