Here is why a responsive website design is the next upgrade you need to make to your site

Responsive website designers

Our sites are content marketing ready, bespoke designed, WordPress enabled “responsive” websites. This may sound like jargon, or music to your ears. While the world of websites and digital marketing has evolved, this is the magic combination which makes sites user friendly, easy to update, and attractive to your audience. And if your site doesn’t pass the “responsive” text, it’s time for an upgrade.

Building sites to be mobile friendly

So, responsive sites – also called “mobile friendly” are created so that people looking at your site on their mobile phone, they are not just seeing a “mini version of the website” but actually a layout that fits perfectly to mobile scrolling habits. Usually what would be a multi collumn layout on the browser version would become a single collumn version on a phone.

And then it magically changes to look different on an Ipad. And then on the browser, the same site, but looking different again! One site, same graphical elements, same branding, same content, but different format depending on the device! A seamless experience. It’s called “responsive web design” because it responds to the device you are looking at a website on.

It’s truly awesome what we can do nowadays.

It’s been a long time coming

In 2013, we at TLD were starting to work on responsive websites. They did take longer and still do, since instead of designing and coding for the browser only, we also needed to design and code and test for how the site would appear on a smart phone, an Ipad or other tablet, and the different browsers (Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox – luckily Netscape doesn’t factor in).

We started to make all our sites responsive in January 2014. A well designed responsive site has certain criteria:

  1. The content reshuffles according to the device you look at the site on
  2. Often things move into a single collumn
  3. No matter where you look at the site, it looks well designed and properly planned
  4. There is actually one site only, with the code specially created to change depending on the user device

Writing about responsive web design

In February 2015, we wrote a blog post called “Google wants your website to be responsive – and so do we.” and started to write to clients of ours who’s websites were last done a few years ago.

To educate you even further on this exciting (but scary for some) change in the world of websites and Google search – we wrote this post:

What you should know if you are panicking about Google’s changes

Here is a small selection of our responsive sites:

You can easily get in touch, even if you feel shy, without any obligation to see what it would take to get your site converted or upgraded. We give a combo of great service, design and impeccable code – and of course lots of marketing strategic advice to open your minds in a whole new world of possibility!