Testimonials for Keren Lerner

Below are some of the nice things people have said about Keren’s workshops.

I have recently had social media training with Keren. I also had other social media trainings but Keren’s was the shortest, yet the most powerful, inspiring and result oriented one. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain knowledge and inspiring tips on social media.

Yonca Yildirim | Social Media Consultant, UNICEF Turkey

Thank you so much for the content marketing workshop! We really enjoyed it and I think the girls got a lot out of it, I certainly did! We’ve already been going over our notes and have divvied up the tasks so we’re raring to go! Your tips were great and have helped us to focus our efforts. You’ll be seeing lots of great posts coming from us soon and as soon as the websites up and running we’ll have plenty to blog about.

Francesca Farley | Farley Hire

I attended Keren’s ‘Extreme Twitter’ workshop. She is plain speaking, supremely charismatic and incredibly knowledgeable about the ways in which a well managed social media presence can improve and enhance one’s business, and yet at no point did I feel condescended to as can sometimes be the case when one is learning the intricacies of a new topic from someone who knows and uses it day in day out (as she does). Keren is hugely professional and I would encourage anyone considering learning more about the likes of Twitter to seek her out and attend one of her workshops.

Jamie Lesinski | Foreign Currency Dealer

Keren came highly recommended to us – working with her has been one of the best experiences ever in 27 years of business. Keren’s gift is she a great communicator who quickly identifies your business needs then presents them back to you in a ‘non-techie’ way that you can actually understand. Our time spent on various projects with her has not only been inspirational but fantastic value and good fun too!less

Wendy Lyotier | Snowbizz - The Family Ski Specialist

Keren has been fun to work with, has an enthusiastic personality and has educated us with regard to social media. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Andy Jansons | Owner, Jansons Property

I recently had a social media training with Keren, and I must say that she is a true professional. Keren’s positive and direct approach helped me to distill and identify the right message to convey on my LinkedIn profile. She was also available to offer other professional development advice. I will highly recommend Keren’s to anyone wishing to improve or learn about social media .

Taiwo Okwor | Infrastructure Finance and Project Finance Specialist

Keren was conducting a workshop in Singapore on effective websites the first (and only!) time we met – the session was crisp and left and impact on me. It led us (Servolve) to choose Top Left Design to revamp our website – we’re at the tail end of the process and so far the experience has been very positive. Keren and her team are passionate about what they do and deliver sharp websites that sell and are liked.

George Mathew | Managing Partner at Futurebooks | Chartered Accountant (Singapore)