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Awesomeness Defined

Why in 2014, your website needs to be
"a whole different kettle of fish"

Ever wonder where some of the phrases we use in language come from? Take "kettle of fish". It's quite a strange concept really. Who even thought of the first kettle of fish - let alone the next ones which were "different".

But then, of course, it hit me!
They were talking about websites!

Bear with me

"A whole different kettle of fish" is about websites.
Let's break it down:

Different - because to stand out your website needs to be unique
Kettle - as in used frequently (kept clean) and making things hot (as in keeping your brand front of mind for your audience)
Of Fish - which represent community and movement - you don't see many lonely fish - and you don't see fish standing still!

From this simple phrase we can learn a lot. But if you want to keep things practical - click below to download our free report "What every website in 2014 needs to be, do, and have".


Enjoy this New Year's gift and see you next time for more updates from TLD!



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