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2 Workshops coming up in March and April

Hello! Last week I went to Singapore and managed to achieve the holy grail of feeling on top of things (if not the world).

I cleared my email inbox. I call it my "Opportunity Inbox" now!

This achievement is rare, and is known affectionately as "InboxZero".

And you don't have to be in Singapore to do this!

You may think I am showing off - and maybe I am a little - but I mean well! In fact, I have quite a lot of advice to give about this (as I'm an authority on it now) so I wrote a blog post which gives 6 tips and 4 tools for achieving inbox zero.

How I reached #InboxZero tips and tools for productive email management

2 workshops coming up at Top Left Design

March 18th and April 4th - What Businesses Should be doing in 2014 - Social Media and Content Marketing

There are a few spots left in my upcoming workshops - covering social media and how to plan and use "content marketing" (which goes hand in hand with social media). I wrote this blog post explaining Why you should be content marketing.

Cleaning up the internet - latest site launches

We've been busy! And (you read it here first) we are cooking up a whole new content creation service to complement all the wonderful sites, blogs and newsletters we create. Feel free to ask us about it if you're curious!

In the meantime - here are some of the latest launches.

Fruit 4 London

Fruit4London Website

Fruit4London delivers fresh fruit (and nuts!) around London and we created this colourful, fresh and easy to use e-commerce site. Naturally, this has resulted in more fruit being eaten in offices and homes around London.

Visit the Fruit4London website.

Spring 80:20

Spring 80:20 Website

Chris Merrington from Spring 80:20, author of the book "Why do Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes", teaches agencies negotiation skills. We were very pleased he chose us to design and build his new Spring 80:20 website - which by the way includes useful videos where you can learn some great negotiation tips from Chris.

Visit the Spring 8020 website.

Strategic Wealth Management

Strategic Wealth Website

We were asked to create this website along with a matching website for their partner company - Strategic Family Office. Both companies deal in Financial Planning and Wealth Services. We did these in partnership with Abbie Tanner from A Business Innovation.

Visit the Strategic Wealth Management website.


Craze Website

Nichaela wished for a fashion project and then through fate, we met our lovely client Nada, and created this fully functional e-commerce site for her startup brand, bringing trendy fashion to the Middle East.

Visit the Craze website.

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Berkeley Hurrell

Berkeley Hurrell Website

This is the 3rd website created for our client Nick from Berkeley Law - Berkeley Hurrell is one of the companies in the same group and provide high end conveyancing legal services for discerning private clients.

Visit the Berkeley Hurrell website.

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The Highland Club

Highland Club Website

Luxury accommodation by Loch Ness - if you have been thinking of where to go for your next strategic brainstorming business trip or writing retreat, book your spot on this beautiful website!

Visit the The Highland Club website.

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Help us to "clean up the internet"

This time I want you to help me out a bit more. We want to make a difference and replace bad websites (which cause "website shame") with amazing ones (which people are proud of and help fulfill their business objectives too!)

I would like you to answer this simple question: What is the most embarrassing example of "website shame" you have ever seen?

Send me an email with a link!

Best answer gets a free hour of "TLD Time"!

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