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This is why we love you

Ah love! It's the time of year when you will be inundated by messages from different businesses about that source of joy and pain we all know and love - love. Well, we want to get in there and share the love freely - so here are some warm and fuzzy feelings.

In this issue:

8 things we love about you
Interview - the famous A Board Dude!
Want to learn from Keren again?
Our 2 interns - Dom and Maxime
We got our pictures taken
Loving our hosting partners
Exciting!! **Free ebook**

8 things we love about you.

  1. You have a natural inquisitiveness - why else would you be reading this? (You might want to also know a few things about Wordpress that might help you make some informed decisions in the future)

  2. Unlike some less enlightened people, you don't think you know everything. And whatever you need, you can ask us, or "Auntie Google and Cousin YouTube" (Thanks Marie Forleo and Olivia Leigh for that one!)

  3. You genuinely want to make the best out of what you show of yourself online (sounds naughty? Perhaps you are ready for more - check out our e-book about "loving your website")

  4. Money isn't as important to you as love, and it can't buy you love either. So don't start offering to pay us for the love we are giving you - you have it already for free!

  5. You have a brilliant sense of humour.

  6. There are times when you stop and think - lucky me! Especially when you get given a free ebook like this one - all about "loving your website"

  7. You can easily spot a good opportunity - and clicking this link will open up an email to reveal a really special one

  8. Speaking of special - that's one of the 8 reasons we love you! Awww!

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Keren got the chance to interview Joshua Harris, the famous A Board Dude!

The A Board Dude

No, we don't mean a board dude - we mean "The A Board Dude". He makes amazing A Boards for the Breakfast Clubs - and takes commissions. Nothing quite like an A Board to bring those customers in, especially if they are funny and creative like these.

Read this post to find out more

Want to learn from Keren again?

Keren has been doing the speaking circuit as usual and has just set 3 "Perfectly Formed Social Media" workshop dates for mini workshops("mini" meaning 4 people per workshop) here in our offices. If you would like to come along (you can bring someone you love, like a friend or colleague), the next one is the 14th of March at 2:30pm - Click here to learn more about the workshops

Our 2 interns - Dom and Maxime

2 new interns - Maxime and Dom

We often have interns and right now we are very fortunate to have two great guys who are immersing themselves in TLD life. Meet Maxime (above left) and Dom (above right). Dom is from here in the UK, and Maxime is French (like Kevin) and here for 3 months from France (he came from the same school as Kevin). A couple of interesting facts: Maxime came out on a team building clubbing night with us last week - even after working hard all week! And Dom really likes Harry Styles (a lot).

Know someone who wants an internship too? Tell them to read our post - How to drastically improve your chances of getting an internship at TLD

We got our pictures taken

Nada our photographer came to take our pictures. We don't want to spoil it for you but if you are curious - check out the team page on our website - with fresh new pictures!

We love our hosting company

Some of you know we host many sites on super duper servers, and these are taken care of by our hosting partners 3DPixelnet. We felt, as it's Valentine's Day, they deserve to be featured.

Special Offer to prove our love - Free ebook

Our recent offers have been very useful for those extremely loyal, amazing, great-attention-to-detail people who read to the bottom of the email. This time it's equally magnificent - a free ebook! Excitement!

If you want the ebook now - visit this link

And one more thing. Happy Valentine's Day. We love you!

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