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TLD in Sofia, Bulgaria

Last week we spent a week in Sofia, Bulgaria, and set up an office in Nu Boyana Film Studios so we could work while we were there. There were 4 of us on the trip – me, Amy, Elisa and Tam.

On Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday we worked full days; other than that we did all sorts of fun and team building things.

Keren in front of the big screen

I just got back from Bulgaria where I went to run a seminar. My brother, Yariv Lerner, runs the NuBoyana film studios in Sofia, Bulgaria – and he asked me to speak to an esteemed audience over there.

So on Friday morning (13th) I flew to Sofia, accompanied by my husband Anders. Valentine’s Day weekend meant I wouldn’t be going without him!

Friday evening I met up with my brother for last minute plans. I didn’t know until then before how many people would be coming. I found out that the audience would be 50+ people and would include huge variety  “journalists, government officials, NGOs, PR people, filmmakers and yoga people”.

My brother has written a list of 10 things he has learned about Twitter and I thought it would be useful to share.

  1. There is too much information out there and Im guilty of perpetuating this just as much as the next twit.
  2. People genuinely appreciate connection.
  3. It doesn’t take long to make someone your friend on twitter.
  4. It doesn’t take long to loose a friend on Twitter
  5. Twitter is much much more than a tool to advertise your wares
  6. The tweet with the smile wins
  7. Twittering can take all of your time – if you let it. Keep a healthy distance.
  8. Less is more – Tweet with clarity and intent. People will thank you for it.
  9. You can never tell a persons facial expression from the font. Sarcasm is completely and utterly missed in text.
  10. Every good list has ten things on it – if you only have nine – just say anything.

As some of you may know – if you are looking at my tweets – my brother Yariv Lerner has finally entered the world of social media and blogging.  He even tweets now! I asked him to write a blog about our dad’s latest movie Conan the Barbarian (starring Jason Momoa coming out this summer to a theatre near you) so he could practice – and it was so GOOD I had to include it here. Enjoy!

Here is what Yariv wrote:

I remember reading the original secrets from Atilla the Hun and thought that it was about time that Conan wrote his own book.

I live – Remember to live in the present. Its all you can live for. People truly appreciate it when you are there. I know it sounds redundant but be present – truly present when you are with people. How many times have you seen people out at dinner together both on their cell phones talking to others. How about people taking the time to see each other and then texting other people elsewhere. Why bother meeting up with them in the first place – why not meet the person you want to text or call?

I love – People love you if you love them. The Beatles aptly put it when they sang “In the end the love you get is the love you make.” There are people who follow out of fear and then there are people who follow out of love. When the s**t hits the fan – as it so often does – who do you want to take the brunt of the initial onslaught? Someone who fears you or someone who loves you.

I slay – Yes this does sound harsh at first but sometimes you need to be the heavy. There are times in life when the warrior mentality is necessary and the people you lead are going to respect and demand that you are willing to do what it takes. No one follows the meek – it is true that they will one day inherit the earth but they are going to have to fight for it.