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Rabia Baig - 3 weeks internship

Hi, my name is Rabia and I have done 3 weeks internship at TLD. Coming to TLD has made my passion in design grow even further. After these 3 weeks at TLD I have gained first-hand experience in what work life is really like and how to work to deadlines but also have fun at the same time by bringing a smile to the team by asking for a cup of tea or helping them out with their work which they have sent to me to do.

Oscar Dial

Hi, I’m Oscar, and I worked at TLD for one month. I recommend anyone reading, who is planning to apply for or who is going to work at TLD as an intern, to at least read the tips I have accumulated throughout the internship. It will give you a head start and trust me when I tell you this, anyone who can impresses Keren is worthy. I also think that if you are reading this, you should read the blogs from my fellow previous intern brothers and sisters.

Rhea Lempert

This post was written by Rhea Lempert, who did 2 weeks of work experience in February 2015 at Top Left Design.

My internship experience and first hand tips

Hi! My name is Rhea, I am fourteen and interested in design and copywriting. After spending a very fast two week placement at TLD, I’ve experienced a part of the working world and how it can be great fun with the TLD crowd. I’ve also seen just how a hot cup of tea or coffee can put a smile on anyone here!

Note from Keren:

Before handing straight over to Zac, I am posting this because, well, it speaks for itself.

This is the “goodbye intern” our latest work experience student wrote us. He was here for a 4 day short week, but he did make an impression for sure.

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Hey everyone,

Seeing as it’s my last day working here with Top Left Design, I thought I’d write you all a goodbye email.

To start off, I wanted to thank both Susan and Keren, for giving me the opportunity to work with such a fantastic, intuitive and creative company, giving me a valuable insight in to the working life.

I also want to express special gratitude to 2 members of the team, Chris and Nichaela, for several reasons. Collectively, they treated me as one of them, not as an outsider, and I felt welcomed the instant I began work here with TLD. (Clearly expressed by having to do the dish and bin duty the moment I started).

dianathanksWe are sad to say goodbye to Diana, our intern for the last month. She has been a breath of fresh air: proactive, friendly, efficient, helpful, and positive. Exceptional on all fronts. And she cooked for us too! Words can’t really say enough of how exceptional Diana is. Pictures might help though! Many below are from our amazing TLD Treasure Hunt, including the amazing “jig in front of a pic” video she filmed, which will always be a source of joy for us.