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Choosing and optimising your WordPress theme site

While we specialise bespoke designed WordPress sites, occasionally, we are asked to use a WordPress theme. Themes are available from a lot of different sources, at varying degrees of quality, but I admit there are a few nice ones out there. It’s less expensive as they are pre-designed and the HTML is already built.So, sometimes it’s what’s best for a client, at that point in their business. But sometimes we find them to be slow to load and overly complex – they come with far too many things in them.

This is the part of your site which changes regularly, and is meant to.

It’s much more interesting to say on your social networks, “read my new post” (with a great headline) than “I just added a new service on my website’s services page!

Reinforce your key messages

You may have (if you’re smart) introduced key messages elsewhere in your site but by finding clever ways to blog about these things you can reinforce that you really stand by them

I know some stuff about WordPress

As the CEO/Owner/Director/Founder/Other fancy title of Top Left Design, I know a lot of things, but not everything!  I come from a design background, not a coding background so I woudn’t claim to be especially technical – though I suppose compared to many I am.

But even though I am not strictly technical, I like it when technology just works – and makes life easier. A few years ago, when we started using WordPress for blogging, I saw this was different from other systems – I liked it – it’s easier to use and more flexible. And our two in house coders, Kevin and JP (previously featured on our post on Geek Appreciation Day) are specialists in WordPress sites. It’s our system of choice, and I wanted to let you know why – and some useful facts about it – so we share the joy of WordPress!

When I came for the interview at Top Left Design I was excited, but not particularly optimistic about my chances of being selected to intern here. As an advertising and brand management graduate I knew little about web or graphic design and had always considered myself to be computer illiterate. However, I was eager to learn and the always friendly and helpful team at Top Left Design took the time to teach. So here are the seven most important things I’ve learnt: