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Issues faced by Thibault during his internship

Keren’s note: This article was written by Thibault Guichard during his internship at TLD. If you want to learn more about internships at TLD view our other posts on the topic and read our “7 Tips on being a stand out intern at Top Left Design

I have been in London for two months now. It means many days and hours spent. It also means a lot of adventures lived, lessons learnt, and issues faced (most of them solved, happily!)

This post explores some of the challenges I have experienced during my work placement, and a few humble pieces of advice I can now share from experience!


I turn the key into the lock until it’s bolted, slip it into my pocket, and walk away from the door towards the street. The sky is the same hue as the asphalt of the deserted street, like I am walking on a frozen lake reflecting the stormy clouds. As I approach the Tube station, there are more and more people occupying the wet pavement. Some touches of colour show up from the wildest clothes of the magnifying crowd, gradually making the ubiquitous grey of the urban landscape recede into the background. Soon, I reach the station. I notice a great ad across the street offering a journey to Paris, which is described as the “European capital of romance and culture”. I smile – pretty proud – and nod to myself.