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Lithuania Team Picture

One of our favorite perks of working as an international team is getting to travel and visit each other. On the 27th of June, Amy, Tamlyn and I headed to Vilnius, Lithuania to visit and spend time with our two ultra-talented and wonderful coders – Tom and Domas.

How to make working in an office fun!

Ever heard the expression work hard play hard? Personally I think it’s a very apt saying and one that we tend to inadvertently apply in the TLD offices. We’re a hard working team with a lot of dedication to the jobs we do, but we also know how to have a good time whilst doing it as well as when we’re having a bit of “down time”.
I’m not sure if everyone is as lucky as us, so we’ve decided to share a few of the things with you that we do here in the office that bring a bit of “play” into our daily lives!

Top Left Design is special and it has a special team, who care for each other. First and foremost Keren. She creates team building events, surprises the team with little treats like cupcakes after the last “Make My Lunch” session and she encourages everyone to eat as healthy as possible (besides those little sweet treats).

Amy’s annual visit prompted a team building bowling trip to All Star Lanes

On  the eve of Tuesday the 24th of July 2012, the whole of Top Left Design – including Amy who normally works for us from South Africa – attended one of our legendary team building events – bowling at All Star Lanes in Bayswater. We brought a few friends along too. For those who don’t know, Amy lives in South Africa but works full time for Top Left Design. We bring Amy here every year to enjoy some of her company in the London office – and we try and arrange lots of fun things and do at least one big team building night out – so it’s not all work work work!

Our night started off with two team members (who shall remain  unnamed) forgetting their wallets – only realising after we had all as a big group arrived at Tottenham Court Road tube station. They had to turn back, promising to reunite with us soon.

The rest of us clambered onto the tube, heading for All Star Lanes in Bayswater. After a few checks for directions on Google Maps, we found our way, and luckily our two wallet forgetters joined us later.

After a couple of cold drinks and a yummy ‘American diner’ style meal, we slipped into our bowling attire, and the bowling banter began!

We took over two bowling lanes and with a few egos boasting their intentions of humiliating the rest with their Fred Flintstone bowling skills, the games got underway.
Everyone had a great time and plenty of laughs. We were joined by a few “Friends of TLD” who you may or may not recognise in the pictures.

Make My Lunch – best thing since sliced bread

We have an internal policy here in the office. A very good internal policy. One that involves food, and people making it for you!

Every couple of weeks (or sooner, depending on our organisational skills) one member of the team sweats over a hot stove (or shopping basket), slaving away to produce a meal for the rest of the team that won’t cause others to recoil back with the horrors. So far so good!

The first MML experience for me was a terrifying ordeal. I stressed for about a week, being the newbie, not wanting to disappoint (Cue Keren in true Alan Sugar style: “WHAT! You made THAT.. You’re FIRED!) Of course, that never happened, Keren’s far too wonderful! And the meal wasn’t a total flop. And having been here for a while now the experience of cooking for others is nowhere near as bad as what I first made it out to be in my head.