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Lithuania Team Picture

One of our favorite perks of working as an international team is getting to travel and visit each other. On the 27th of June, Amy, Tamlyn and I headed to Vilnius, Lithuania to visit and spend time with our two ultra-talented and wonderful coders – Tom and Domas.

How to make working in an office fun!

Ever heard the expression work hard play hard? Personally I think it’s a very apt saying and one that we tend to inadvertently apply in the TLD offices. We’re a hard working team with a lot of dedication to the jobs we do, but we also know how to have a good time whilst doing it as well as when we’re having a bit of “down time”.
I’m not sure if everyone is as lucky as us, so we’ve decided to share a few of the things with you that we do here in the office that bring a bit of “play” into our daily lives!

Public Speaking.
A term that can strike fear into the hearts of most people, myself included. One person who does not seem to share this view is Keren. She believes that Public Speaking is an essential skill and excels at it. Unlike the rest of us. Ask us to meet with a client, chat to each other, argue over who gets the coldest coke or biggest ice cream, no problem, but place us in front of a room full of people and we turn to gibbering wrecks (some of us more than others.. *note to self!)