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Recently, one of our new friends from Twitter and Athena emailed to ask the advice on how to tell people in her network that they have a website which is “….(insert own expletive!)…pants!”

This prompted me to put together some tips on tactful ways to help them – we do believe it helps with referrals – if someone has a bad website, we are hesitant in sending their website address out to people we want to refer them to, as their websites don’t represent their businesses as they should and therefore it’s hard for others to believe us that those people are worth speaking to.

If someone you knew had spinach in their teeth, you would tell them, no?
A bad website is like spinach in the teeth of a business – it can put potential clients off!

Here are some tips to help you communicate this to people who you know deserve a better website, because they are nice people!

There is big difference between Traffic vs Conversion

It makes perfect sense that if you get lots of traffic to a website, and people spend only seconds on it before going elsewhere, that search engine traffic is not the be all and end all. Even with all the new amazing ways of driving traffic to your website via social media, you still need to keep them interested with good design and good content!

It really bugs me when people’s first question is “How do I get to the top of the search engines?”

When it should be

“How do I make a website that keeps people interested when they get there”!

So here are some tips on helping people out!