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As a true fan of Social Media and of the powers of Twitter, I have been observing new users for a while now, and have had the privilege of training those who have an interest in using Twitter more effectively.

Twitter has a lot of strange things unique to it – punctuation marks and abbreviations which may look like alien-speak to anyone who hasn’t learned it. Although there are many guides online (I particularly like the Mashable Twitter Guidebook) I can see why a lot of people might look at the stream of tweets and wonder what is going on!

There are 5 basic things you really need to know– once you understand them you will be well on your way. – hashtags, RTs, @replies, mentions, and url shortening.

This is again for people who are using Twitter but aren’t entirely sure if they are doing it right. Have a look at the list below – if you feel like you already doing these things, then you may be ready for some of the “advanced” stuff – but we like to take things step by step – and the beginners stuff is actually where most of the magic of Twitter happens! If the words below seem like a strange language to you, comment below and I will answer with further explanations and definitions!