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Recently Michael spotted a tweet about a competition to win a “MIMOBOT” which is a USB drive character. This was a post by Dan Zarella, the Social Media Scientist, on his blog.

I love writing poems and I love unicorns so I felt compelled to enter. I could love Dan Zarella but haven’t talked to him yet (but I will!). Here is the poem – please let me know what you think of it?

My competition entry

If a unicorn came to you as you left the corner shop
Said “I am made of magic” and I can make your life “pop”
Would you believe him? Would you happily surrender?
Would you chase the rainbow – go on a rainbow bender?

Or would common sense prevail – and a sense of calm take over
Would you realise that there is no quick fix – no lucky four leaf clover
Would you think “this unicorn has told me that he can make a change
But I can’t place eggs all in one place – I have to have a range”

If this happened to me, here is my advice
You need to check if this is true – and figure out the price
Ask the unicorn to email you
and his proposal you’ll review
You’ll see if there is anything that proves his approach is new
Consider it carefully – get back to him soon – of course!
I would believe a unicorn more than I’d believe a horse.

Check things are correct if you finish too soon, mistakes should occur once in a blue moon

Every company has values but few take the time to define them.

Top Left Design has 2 sets of values – external (ie for client and project management) and internal.

I thought it would be very nice if we could share the EXTERNAL values first (have the internal values also, but need to check them internally. You know how it is, democracy and all!)

  • Attention to Detail – it’s the little things that count!
  • Customer Care – we really do want our clients to be happy
  • A Clear Process – so projects run smoothly
  • Good Communication – We keep our clients “in the loop”

We’ve got little poems to help communicate our values internally – and here they are!

Check things are correct if you finish too soon
Mistakes should occur once in a blue moon

(that one is obviously about Attention to Detail. The two below is about how me manage email at milestone points – part of the Project Management we pride ourselves on!)

E-mail all you’ve done, and include every link
So client is stress-free, they need never think

When you get the work in, phone clients and say
we have your work in – we’ll do it today!
(or maybe tomorrow) but in any case
They will feel taken care of – it wont be a waste!
They’ll feel “so comfee” – like in cotton balls
they will be happee – sing our praises to all!

I hope this has been useful for you readers to understand better. Comment below or get in touch if you want to learn more!