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How to feel like a superhero in New York (guest post from Mark Lynch)

A note from me, Keren, before I hand over to Mark.

I met Mark at JFK Airport, we randomly started talking, and he was on the same flight as JP and I – heading back to London. Turns out, he had also been to Comic Con (what, you didn’t know about me going to Comic Con? Check out my post about it here).

My incessant questions ended up with me being told a fascinating story about how Mark became Spiderman. I told him – you have to send me this in writing so I can put this on my blog! And so he did! See above:

We all have a dream destination, a place that we want to go to, a place that if asked the question ‘If you could only ever go on holiday once where would you go?’ you would instantly answer with that city’s name. Mine was, and in many ways still is New York City.

So when Keren and I where having our monthly 03 meeting over breakfast and Keren said she wanted me to go with to New York City I almost fell off my chair.

The emotional roller coaster

It was a real emotional roller coaster for me. Not just because I was going to a City I always wanted to go to but because I was going to New York Comic Con. I love comics and I love my action heroes even more, and now I am going to the Big Apple to be a part of a 4 day event that is all about comic books and action heroes. So naturally my emotions went back and fourth. I was happy one day, excited the next and in disbelief the day after that. To help with this roller coaster was the fact that I was going to New York to help with the social media marketing of a Movie about Hercules, and to quote Renny Harlin (the director) “the original super hero”, this all made it seam to good to be true, too awesome to be true.

I just got back from an unbelievable trip to New York. It’s not my first trip, and I was there for several reasons (my dad was there at the same time, and it was his birthday, so there was family time).

But the real reason I went there is for work – but of course!

We are doing a website for a film called Hercules – the Legend Begins. The website is in its final stages of approval and I will be sure to blog about it when it’s launched. It’s a really exciting project!

Selling Your Soul in NYC

I have been reading the blog White Hot Truth from Danielle La Porte for ages and then I noticed the Selling Your Soul event, and clicked through to her co-speaker Marie Forleo. I was immediately certain I wanted to go! Both ladies are super impressive with the way they market themselves – and I of course want to prove – good marketing works! So, off I go to this event in NYC along with my friend Abbie Tanner. Will be updating you all with more information when I return – and on Twitter of course. In the meantime check out and follow the Twitter hashtag #SYSoul.