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Sitting in my rather warm office here in South Africa I get a Skype call from Keren telling me that I need to come and visit asap. I get two options – Christmas Party or Halloween Party. I came for the Christmas Party last year, so Halloween it is!

It was a fantastic visit which I thoroughly enjoyed! Keren and the team arranged loads of fun things to do. These included team cocktails (I make magic mojitos), team bowling (which I didn’t win, but also didn’t do as badly as Michael!) and a fantastic Halloween Party where I got to mingle with some of our much loved clients – one of them being the lovely Jane Stanton, we just launched her new website. See it here:

I think my next visit will be in Summer… but for now I am going to make the most of my South African Summer. I will be back on the 5th and look forward to hearing many festive season adventures!

A Merry Christmas to all – and to all a good bye!

Make My Lunch – best thing since sliced bread

We have an internal policy here in the office. A very good internal policy. One that involves food, and people making it for you!

Every couple of weeks (or sooner, depending on our organisational skills) one member of the team sweats over a hot stove (or shopping basket), slaving away to produce a meal for the rest of the team that won’t cause others to recoil back with the horrors. So far so good!

The first MML experience for me was a terrifying ordeal. I stressed for about a week, being the newbie, not wanting to disappoint (Cue Keren in true Alan Sugar style: “WHAT! You made THAT.. You’re FIRED!) Of course, that never happened, Keren’s far too wonderful! And the meal wasn’t a total flop. And having been here for a while now the experience of cooking for others is nowhere near as bad as what I first made it out to be in my head.