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Your homepage is the presentation of your business to your online visitors. Whether they came across your website from a blog post or a landing page, your homepage needs to make a great impression – fast! In this guest post from UK designer and writer Leona Henrynson (find her on Twitter here), you can learn what ingredients you can have on your website’s homepage to make it more effective for your business.

We judge others online – so it’s fair to assume others are judging us online. And so often, when you Google a person, you find a lot of information about them that is probably not the full story. But yet, you must admit – you have made assumptions on people based on what you discover online about them. If this is true – then perhaps you need to do an online audit? Here are 8 ways to manage your online personal brand.

I am lucky to know a brilliant VA who has branded herself as “sidekickva” – the concept being that she works with “superheroes” (successful MDs/CEOs/Owner Managers/Business Owners) and helps them take care of their stuff. She is organised and has such incredible attention to detail. We even have a hashtag for her on Twitter – #hawkeye

She further analogised that she is “swooshing her cape” when she helps us out on projects.

And another cool thing – we met on Twitter.

It all got me thinking and drawing analogies (again – I have a habit of this)

So, what do superheroes have in common with marketing? Like all good concepts, it’s simple, and you can follow these 3 steps!

Get a cape

First of all there is the “getting your house in order” – getting your LinkedIn profile updated, thinking about your blog design, key messages, who you are targeting, who you need to appeal to. Creating a design that communicates. And lots of other stuff. This takes time and expertise (which is why people come to us for help!)

Wear a cape

This is it – time to go out in public and let the world see you in all your glory! This is the marketing part of marketing. Putting your messages out there.

This includes:

  • Your email signature
  • Submitting your site to search engines
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Blogging
  • Networking


All very well striding and strutting but as a business person you need to be brave and fly! You get further this way, faster! Knowing you have your cape – and it looks good – should give you the confidence to go out and fly.

This includes:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Going for awards
  • Guest posting and interviews
  • Press opportunities
  • Sharing these on social media
  • Learning and improving your skills
  • Planning and strategising in business

So – what are you waiting for, superheroes? I look forward to seeing the sky filled with all of you, flying in your stretchy colourful outfits! And if you need a sidekick – you know who to call!

How Top Left Design is like Lionel Logue from the King’s Speech - helping clients communicate

You may not know this, but we created a website for Prescience Film Finance, which is the company that financed the extremely popular and successful Oscar winning film – The King’s Speech.

A long sentence

For those who have not seen this movie yet, The King’s Speech is about King George VI and his early years as king where he struggled with stuttering and worked with Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue who helped coach him to be confident and competent enough to make those all important speeches as king of England! (whew!)

Communicate key messages with confidence

Here at Top Left Design, like Lionel Logue we  help with communication and help our clients communicate their key messages more clearly though our clean and clear straightforward websites, and we offer them the possibility to express themselves better, and feel more proud of their online presence. The more clear and prepared your message is, the more relevant and effective it is.

This movie is a good example of the importance of communication to achieve your goals. So if you have nothing planned for this evening, run to the closest cinema, buy a large basket of popcorn, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this movie, you  won’t regret it and in the back of your mind, you can think about Top Left Design and our amazingly clear communicative websites the whole time!