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Keren speaks - WEF conference

The opportunities for women in the UK to succeed in business have never been greater. While it’s sometimes hard to be anything but super modest and self-deprecating, I have to admit that there are things I have done that I am proud of. I have founded and managed a successful design and marketing agency, I travel regularly, and often give talks and workshops to advise men and women alike.

Keren's talk in the Isle of Man - view from plane

I love to travel for work, and so it was supercool to be invited to run a workshop arranged by hosting company Netcetera in the Isle of Man, for local businesses and marketing managers.

Netcetera is a well known, very successful hosting company, formed in 1996 and based in the Isle of Man so celebrating 20 years this year. They have customers in over 75 countries worldwide and provide energy efficient green hosting. I had created a specially designed marketing workshop to be delivered at Netcetera’s office – which was 5 mins walk from the airport.

Can you feel it? It’s a big week – a week where London celebrates social media, with all sorts of events going on. I am fortunate enough to be speaking at three of them. Ok, only one of them is an “official” event but still. You can follow along on Twitter if you don’t feel like actually travelling all over London to the events. The hashtag is #SMWLDN

Keren speaks

Small Business Network - Keren speaks on "9 Ways to Improve Your Presence Online"

At 8.45pm on Wednesday the 28th, one night before the Social Media for Professional Services talk, I will be going to Finsbury Park and speaking to an audience of small businesses on “9 Ways To Improve your presence online”

Here is what I will be covering – if you know the answers to these, please comment below!

  • The one thing that you should ensure you have before you launch your new website
  • A sure fire method of ensuring you love your website’s design
  • 1 way to make sure you speak the right messages
  • What happens beyond the homepage
  • The one thing worth learning that will hugely improve the effectiveness of your site – if you do it well!
  • 3 tips on writing effective blog posts
  • Golden rules of using social media
  • What social media can and can’t give you

The meeting will run from 7.15-9.15pm and will be at The Dining Room at The Old Dairy, Crouch Hill, London N4 4AP.

Hope to see some of you there!