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My social media Valentine sected

I wanted to post this today as it’s Valentine’s Day and this post is dedicated to my main love on social media.

Anyone who has been to my social media seminars knows that I rave about them, and there is a certain light in my eyes when I talk about them.

It’s actually not a person per se – although social media IS all about people and connecting with others.

This is a tool created for busy people like me to allow us to make the most of all the amazing social sharing possibilities on Twitter. It’s called Buffer.

“I don’t have time for Social Media”

Being in the business I am in, I find I often get into conversations about social media. There are still loads of business people who find the world of Social Media alien and overwhelming.

It seems strange to people who are so used to using social media (like us Twitter Addicts)  that there are people out there who are not participating. But “not having time” is an excuse to not get involved – as anyone who is involved will understand!

I run a busy design agency and have a lot of tasks and responsibilities and “unexpected” situations that happen on a daily basis, and somehow I manage to DO social media every day! This means I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, our blog and even a bit of YouTube. And I am going to be increasing this activity, because it’s worth it.

Social Media – Can you afford to ignore it? 23rd September 2011 at 38 Devonshire Street

I will be co-hosting a seminar overview called “Social Media – Can you afford to ignore it?” on the 23rd September with Tamsin Fox-Davies – small business marketing mentor. It would be great to see some of you there! Our last event was a great success and lots of fun too. Since the event we have been in touch with several of our attendees via different social media platforms and it is wonderful to see how they have embraced the social media habits so well.

More learning = more teaching!

We are very lucky to have met the lovely people who work at 38 Devonshire Street. It’s a Dental Practice and Seminar Venue. The venue provides a lovely large room and AV equipment and delicious catered lunch. It is there where this coming Friday I will be joined by Tamsin Fox-Davies for one of our famous joint seminars!

“‎Keren Lerner and Tamsin Fox-Davies make a great team!” (actual quote from Karen Haller who attended our last talk)

Both Tamsin and I constantly learn and keep up to date with latest in the world of social media, SME marketing, online marketing, blogging and design.
Those who have been to see us work together have been impressed by our on-stage chemistry! We hope you can join us and learn about the do’s and don’ts of social media impressions and behaviours, how to become effective influencers, and discover more about the overall magic of social media. it’s going to be information packed and interactive and we have both worked hard to put together valuable and useful information which can be applied to all businesses.

To book visit this link and for the especially observant of you, we are offering a 2 for one deal for those coming in pairs – just email me to ask how to get this!

We here at Top Left Design aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces that whip up marvellous websites, we all have other hidden talents too!


Take Michael, for example. He’s quite the music man – he plays guitar and drums, and has even had a go at piano (we’re still waiting for the demo though!)

Michael the music man


Tina is our resident juggler (excitement!) and on top of that a very talented Illustrator.
Tina Illustration

Tina also made a chicken out of a tea towel. To find out how, check out the step by step instructions on her blog!
Tina made a chicken out of a tea towel