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On the 18th of May, Alicia Cowan and I went to Brighton to run our now famous “Social Media – can you afford to ignore it?” workshop – which we have now run over 6 times (with the Twitter hashtag #dontignoreit). The reason we went to Brighton is because we had 2 girls from our December seminar -Emma and Esme from My Special PA – come up to us as and ask us if we would like to consider taking the course to Brighton. They had found our workshop so enlightening they could see it being of huge value to the Brighton business community.

Last year, when Alicia Cowan and I put on one of our now famous “Social Media – Can you afford to ignore it” seminars (with the hashtag #dontignoreit) we had 2 very lovely ladies come along. They are now bringing us to Brighton to do our next seminar in May. Since they are so fantastic, I thought it would be a good idea to interview them about their business and their story – so you can get to know them – hence the Q+A session below: