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The importance of case studies for websites

This is me! This is what I do! Hear me roar… umm… or please see my Case Studies page.

Are you wanting to shout your services and great work to the world? Want to advertise without actually advertising? But what you do is SO fantastic how will prospective clients ever believe that you can achieve what you are shouting about?

We need proof they say…

Proof? you want proof? I’ll show you proof!

Please navigate to my case studies page…

Before you can have the perfect case studies page you need a few perfect case studies. Here are some tips on how to create a perfect case study.

How Top Left Design is like Lionel Logue from the King’s Speech - helping clients communicate

You may not know this, but we created a website for Prescience Film Finance, which is the company that financed the extremely popular and successful Oscar winning film – The King’s Speech.

A long sentence

For those who have not seen this movie yet, The King’s Speech is about King George VI and his early years as king where he struggled with stuttering and worked with Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue who helped coach him to be confident and competent enough to make those all important speeches as king of England! (whew!)

Communicate key messages with confidence

Here at Top Left Design, like Lionel Logue we  help with communication and help our clients communicate their key messages more clearly though our clean and clear straightforward websites, and we offer them the possibility to express themselves better, and feel more proud of their online presence. The more clear and prepared your message is, the more relevant and effective it is.

This movie is a good example of the importance of communication to achieve your goals. So if you have nothing planned for this evening, run to the closest cinema, buy a large basket of popcorn, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this movie, you  won’t regret it and in the back of your mind, you can think about Top Left Design and our amazingly clear communicative websites the whole time!