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Pros and Cons of Big vs Small clients

[written by Elisa Woolley]

You can’t really say that big clients are better than small clients or vice versa. Everyone is an individual and so are our clients.

We have a huge variety of clients here at TLD and that’s what makes our jobs so fun, varied and interesting. To define, when we say small we mean businesses which are run by one person, maybe 2, up to a team of approx 5 or 6. Big, for us is 10-100 staff, and 1 million + turnover. And believe me, there are exceptions to the below.

On Christmas Eve, it’s a time to spend with family and not on the computer, writing a blog post However, it’s also a time to show generousity of spirit. So, I decided to spend 20 minutes only on this post, to share my 2 favourite ever Xmas videos. Enjoy and share with loved ones, and I hope they make you smile!

“Who do you think will complete the task of prep-ing their pineapple first? The person with the pineapple slicer gadget or the one with the sharp knife?”.

So began one of my John Maxwell’s Million Leader Mandate leadership development training sessions a few years back. This is one of the most effective visual aids I have ever used. The pineapple gadget won this by an amazing margin. Clearly, a knife can be used to prep a pineapple but a tool specifically designed for the job can do it in a fraction of the time.