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How do we make our website more engaging and interactive?

“Make your website engaging” and “Make your website interactive” is advice we hear a lot.

But if you throw your hands up plaintively, asking the next question – “but how?”, people don’t always give you a straight answer, do they!

What does that even MEAN?

It’s not about whizzy animations or spinning logos, we know that. And when it comes to interactivity, websites by their very nature ARE interactive. They allow you a selection of different links to click on and you choose your own path. You are in control of your own journey, and therefore, by definition, it’s interactive. Engagement-wise – friendly text and a human factor are definitely ways to connect with your website visitors. You want them to feel like they are getting to know you as a business.

How do I get more people to read my posts on LinkedIn?

I have been working with a lot of clients recently helping them to get into the habit of blogging using  LinkedIn’s “Pulse” blogging feature, which I really love. The interface is great, it’s mobile friendly and therefore easy to read on your smartphone, and the people you are connected with on LinkedIn are theoretically, your closest network (personally I only connect with people who I have met – or by rare exception – corresponded with).

Twitter new Safety Center

I love Twitter for its openness and potential and all the crazy and wonderful stories of people connecting on Twitter. And of life experiences that happen because of Twitter. And of course the speed of information sharing and opinion/sentiment airing. But there are often concerns about people using it for evil purposes, like abuse and spam.