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Startup website offer - start as you mean to go on

It’s not easy to make a project fit into a small budget. Anyone who runs a business will tell you that “budget wiggle room” gives freedom and breathing space.

We were asked by our SEO specialist Tom Andrews to create an offer for a startup website for the budget of £1500+VAT total.

Note: Our normal full websites projects cost significantly more, because of the time we spend with our clients and the time we spennd creating them They are bespoke, hand coded, responsive, and integrated with custom WordPress.

Simantov Newsletters - a showcase of 4

Every time we do one of our own newsletters, it’s a huge team effort and requires a combination of our planning, concept, illustration, writing, coding, formatting, and attention to detail skills. One of our clients is Simantov, and having seen how we do ours, decided they would like us to take care of theirs too! So far, we have done four, and we love them. Below are the headers and the footers and links to the full versions. Enjoy!

Rosh Hashana

Recently, we designed this infographic resume for one of our clients. She does a lot of public speaking at events and she didn’t wanted to give a standard, boring and corporate biography. Now, she has a whole new resume with a bespoke design which shows her personality and all the things she has accomplished in her career so far.

See below (design by Tamlyn):

Beth Scott - Infographic Resume

We wanted to share with you some reasons why an infographic CV is a worthwhile way to showcase yourself and your achievements. 5 reasons in fact!

Five reasons to have an infographic CV

It’s attractive – just a glance and you want to know more

An infographic is eye-catching. You can read it quickly because all the information is clearly illustrated. With this kind of resume, you have more chances of standing out from the crowd – too may people are still doing their CVs in Microsoft Word – it’s boring, isn’t it? You and what you’ve achieved deserve a design which shows off your personality, your experience and your value!

It’s way more interesting to read

Well, I mean, the content of your boring Word CV might be interesting too, but it’s easier to highlight important things on your achievements timeline when you can use illustrations, shapes, and colours. An infographic resume also shows your ability to synthesise and bring out the essential – thanks to the use of key concepts. Tell a story – that’s the main thing – and people will get a positive impression of who you are, and will appreciate the presentation of information in a way that reads naturally.

It’s a bespoke design of yourself

It’s you! And it’s time to think about your personal branding. Having something that represents you means you gain confidence, build your credibility and you showcase your specialty. You can really be yourself in an infographic resume, it’s fully personalized. You can show yourself off and inspire from the design you choose to illustrate you career.

It’s “professionally trendy”

Be up to date! Ok – we agree that not all trends are good to follow. But, an infographic resume is effective: you’re distinguishing yourself from the competition and also prove that you know how to adapt yourself and no matter your industry. Being adaptive is a highly sought after quality.

It’s memorable – and there are scientific arguments to support this!

“Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”

That’s a Chinese proverb, but it’s also a scientific fact: people remember visual storytelling – it’s engaging, they’ll try to understand who you are before the end of the page.

Patty Cruz Fouchard from Organised & Simple is a professional organiser and efficiency expert for homes and offices. Some folks don’t even realise that people like this exist! But they do!

We worked on a really great little project with her – an infographic PDF – which shows you how to be a “Super Entrepreneur” and work really efficiently.

You can see a little snapshot our design below.

Organised & Simple - Productivity PDF - Super Entrepreneur

We’ve been around the block a few times, and created websites now for hundreds of clients. And we pride ourselves in amazing high quality designs. Each client is different and has different audiences and needs.

So, our aim with design

We want to ensure that clients are happy with their websites (that’s how they will be proud enough to share their site with people).

We also know that to be effective, a website needs to be in line with what the audience wants to see.

And we are preparing the site for responsive HTML built with WordPress updatability.

In addition, there are general rules we follow to ensure our websites are super easy to navigate, clear, quick to load, and easy to update.

Our design process is explained in this Slideshare presentation below.