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We’re a Corporate Vision Technology Innovator Award winner!

It’s always amazing to be recognised for the hard work we put in to unveiling our clients’ “unique greatness”.

So, this month, we’re delighted to announce that we have been named a Technology Innovator Award winner by Corporate Vision magazine for being London’s ‘Most Bespoke Design Software Company 2016’!

Keren featured in The Chartered Institute of Marketing - How SMEs can maintain the human touch

I recently had an exciting opportunity to contribute to a blog for CIM Exchange, the online content hub for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, about ‘how SMEs can maintain the human touch’. As a regular speaker on the topic of social media, I was definitely up for giving my strong opinions and “top tips” on how to utilise automation tools, while still keeping it personal.

A while ago I was introduced to Craig Lesser who works at  a company called Smart Currency Business. They had a genius idea to create a series of printed magazines aimed at different industries – the very industries that Smart Currency works with. By getting in touch with people who could advise these industries, Craig was not only collecting good contributions to the magazine but also meeting a whole new set of people (and once you meet Craig, you want to introduce him to people as he is just such a great guy – helpful and smart too!)

Anti Boring Marketing Advice

Last week during the February freeze I opened my emails and was quickly warmed and excited by what I saw. Elizabeth from 919 Marketing had contacted me with kind praise and told me that she was going to be using our blog post about the dangers of auto-posting to multiple social media platforms.

Happy Friday!

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog post about auto posting the same updates to multiple social media platforms. I thought your reasons for thinking twice before auto posting were spot on.

In fact, I liked it so much that we included it in a roundup of 124 of our favorite marketing posts for our Valpak blog. Here’s a link to the roundup in case you want to check it out… 124 Not-So-Boring Marketing Ideas for Small Business from Really Smart Bloggers!

So, we wanted to say thank you! Thanks for your fresh approach and for spicing up the business blogging world with some personality and creativity. Our brains appreciate it!

You’re not like the average marketing blogger offering the same cookie cutter marketing advice – you’ve got a distinctive perspective. So for kicks we made a badge you can pop on your site if you want to let everyone know you’ve been featured. The “Anti-Boring Marketing Advice” badge is attached to this email, or you can download the HTML straight from our site, just check out the link to the post.

Thanks again for the great read and I’m looking forward to reading your future posts as well!
Elizabeth, On Behalf of the Valpak Team

We’re in the top 100 of all the design blogs to follow in 2013! Woohoo!

We are pleased to announce that we have been listed in the top 100 design blogs to follow in 2013. Aside from the excellent content we continue to share,  other factors considered were the numbers – Twitter followers, Alexa Score, and Facebook fans – and this is all shown on an infographic organised by Coupon Audit. We did say in one of our newsletters – it’s all about the numbers!

Check out the infographic here (we’re number 64! Which is great!)

Keren and Top Left Design mentioned in a client's newsletter

We were very pleased to see that a client of ours mentioned our name in their newsletter. Robin Clarke from Bluecoat Wealth Management put a PDF version of his latest newsletter into his blog and in the introduction there were the words “Abbie Tanner of ‘A Business Innovation’ and Keren Lerner of ‘Top Left Design’ have done an outstanding job with the new Bluecoat Wealth Management website, which I encourage you to visit and recommend to your colleagues, friends and family”

Our Amy Senyard was the main person responsible for the design and build of this site which is a great one for our portfolio – if we do say so ourselves. And Abbie Tanner was the one behind the strategy, brief, message and wording. If you haven’t seen the Bluecoat Wealth Management site yet, have a look – we are very proud of the work we did! Thanks Robin for the kind mention!